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    "Watt" Are You Cloud Chasing?


    Cloud chasing has become popular in the vaping community and it has gotten to a point where events and competitions are being held to determine the best cloud chasers. Cloud chasing involves exhaling dense clouds of vapor and in the cloud chasing world, the thicker, the better. 

    To successfully attain a dense cloud of vapor during exhalation, cloud chasers should consider several factors such as the type of juice they are using, and the ratios of the ingredients, the tank, and coil that your device has. The basics to achieving dense clouds involve having a higher VG to PG ratio in your e-juice and maximizing airflow in your device. Another very important factor for cloud chasing is plenty of power and therefore vapers from all over the world are going for mods that have up to 100W. 

    The bottom line is that more power creates bigger clouds and this is the primary reason why cloud chasers prefer to use high watt mods. When you vape at 100W, you produce bigger and denser clouds than you would obtain if you were vaping at lower wattages. How does high wattage help in the production of thick clouds? When you increase the power that is flowing through your devices coils, you increase the amount of heat that is generated, and this is one of the reasons why you also need maximum airflow to produce dense clouds. It is advisable to use a sub-ohm atomizer because they can cope with the high-power settings. 

    Another way that cloud chasers can produce massive clouds from their mods is having maximum airflow, which majorly keeps your coils cool. Getting maximum airflow through your coils enables you to keep the temperature at a minimum. The reason why low temperatures are important is to avoid your wick from burning because of too much power or deficient airflow. 

    Apart from preventing your wick from burning, sufficient airflow brings a fresh flow of air and this encourages compression of the vapor into a cloud. Maximum airflow also gives your mod a chance to make more vapor by condensing back some vapor into e-liquid. When e-liquid is vaporized, the space above the coil becomes saturated with vapor and the only way to create more vapor is if some of it condenses back, if you have a constricted airflow, the saturation prevents more vapor from being produced. However, maximum airflow from your mod allows the condensed vapor to be replaced by the newly formed vapor, hence, giving you more vapor and enabling you to exhale denser clouds. 

    Cloud chasing in the vaping world has become more and more popular, and while some people may be opposed to it, for some it is more of a lifestyle than it is a hobby. If you are new to vaping and cloud chasing is something that you would consider, then there are some precautions that you should be aware of. 

    First, always ensure that you use the right equipment to minimize chances of a vaping accident; do research before you attempt to start cloud chasing to ensure that your vaping experience does not become hazardous. When you finally begin to cloud chase, always be cautious about the battery. If it begins to feel too hot, then it is best that you stop and let the mod cool off before using it again.

    Should More Companies Allow Employees to Vape in the Workplace?

    Should More Companies Allow Employees to Vape in the Workplace?

     People 50+ years ago did not have the same options as today when it came to quitting smoking. Smoking was also considered to be 'cool' and permitted in workplaces; something that many health conscious, young people today would object to at a quicker rate. In sharp contrast, smokers today are presented with an array of options to curtail the self-sabotaging habit. Vaping is one of those choices and has quickly become favored all over the world. Despite the increased popularity and apparent benefits, vaping in the workplace has no consensus, and is thus causing discord between legislature, corporations and employees. Through thoughtful consideration, this article will explore whether more companies should allow employees to vape in the workplace.

    It's true that companies may feel justified to ban workplace vaping because Big Brother is in their corner. Several state and local governments have explicitly addressed vaping. Utah, North Dakota and New Jersey have passed statewide laws ensuring that vapes are treated no differently than tobacco products. While many other states recognize vaping as smoking, and as such, smoking laws apply to vapes as well.

    The fear of unregulated vaping is much like the fear of anything else- fear of the unknown. Study after study proves... nothing. Research regarding whether vaping is less detrimental to one's health than traditional tobacco based cigarettes is inconclusive. Employees can even be fired for vaping. The uncertainty is enough for employers to react by issuing company-wide policies that lump vapes into the same category as tobacco based cigarettes. This fear has also spread among employees; some are concerned about 'damaging, second-hand smoke' from vapes and demand vapers be relegated to the outskirts of buildings at a distance.

    However, the knee-jerk reactions of those who are less informed lack credibility, as they fail to consider the clear benefits that can be gained by vaping. Benefits range from "Oh that's cool" to "Damn, that's intense...". For example, during the winter, you can keep warm and never need to step out into the cold to vape. You can also indulge in sweet flavors like chocolate donuts and cinnamon roll to satisfy your sweet tooth. Gary Nolan, a talk show host, made the switch from tobacco smoking to vaping. He saves at least 10 minutes of every hour by remaining inside instead of going outside to light up a smoke. On a serious note, in a study done in February 2017, reported by Annals of Internal Medicine, vapers were found to have a 97% reduction in acrylonitrile and nitrosamine, potent carcinogens. Actual smokers had 57% higher rates of volatile organic compounds. The American Heart Association openly said that people who switch from cigarettes to vapes, within 2-5 years, the risk of a stroke drops to that of a nonsmoker. 

    The numerous advantages of vaping continue to illuminate the scene, with former smokers expressing daily how vaping has helped them to quit tobacco cigarettes for good. Whatever decision employers make, the benefits of vaping far outweigh the negatives. And employers should take the time to listen to employees' struggles with quitting smoking and support them in the decision to eliminate the habit; whether it's through gum, a patch, behavioral therapy or most preferred, vaping.

    Dispose of Your Old E-Juice The Proper Way

    Dispose of Your Old E-Juice The Proper Way


    For many vapers, the disposal of e-juice is one of the least likable parts of the practice. Unsurprisingly, many vapers do not quite know the best ways to dispose of their e-juice once it gets too old to use. Perhaps it is important to note at this point that there is no definitive expiration date for e-liquid and that one can still use it even after it has been in use for quite some time. However, eventually one still needs to get rid of it, or maybe even to change the flavor of their vape. 

    Ultimately, it is not advisable to use the same e-juice over more than two years. At around this point, it is important to consider changing your e-liquid, during which event one must dispose of the one they have been using. Such old vape juice does not taste or smell all that good. While there is no ultimately agreed upon disposal method for juice, there are several generally recognized upon dos and don’ts which will ensure that the process is carried out correctly. As with the disposal of most other things, it is important that this is done as safely and with as little pollution as possible. 

    There are a couple of things that one must be careful not to do if they are to dispose of their e-juice safely:

    • First of which is to ensure that they do to throw it down the drain. It is widely believed that this may contaminate the water and cause issues down the drainage if everybody starts throwing their e-juice down the drain.
    • The second thing not to do is to throw the e-juice in the garbage can. This is perhaps the second simplest option and the most viable one for many seeing that throwing it down the drain is out of the question. However, throwing the e-juice into the garbage can would be a dangerous affair should it fall into the hands of children or others who may attempt to imbibe it, since it can be harmful, even fatal. Therefore, to avoid such an eventuality, it is important that one be careful not to throw e-juice in the garbage can. 

    So what is the right way to dispose of e-juice? Currently, the most viable and perhaps only safe and efficient way of getting rid of e-juice is by pouring it onto an absorbent kitty litter and placing it into a seal-able plastic bag before throwing it out. Once it has been absorbed in the kitty litter, it no longer poses a danger to children or any other members of society who may lay their hands on it later.

    4 Wicking Materials That Can Really Make a Vaping Difference

    4 Wicking Materials That Can Really Make a Vaping Difference

    The material you use for your wicking needs has changed over the years about as much as vaping has. Wicking began as whatever old cotton balls you could find. Today there are specially designed types of wicking material that really can make a huge difference in your vaping experience. With that said, here are 4 of the more popular wicking materials and why you should try them until you find your favorite.

    Japanese Cotton

    Japanese cotton is made in pads. For vaping, you will need to cut them to fit. Many experienced vapers swear by the quality and consistency. You can buy Japanese cotton either bleached or unbleached. If the idea of bleach in your vaping sounds a little odd, you are not alone. Most vapers prefer the unbleached Japanese cotton to the bleached.

    You should first pull the pad apart into two pieces. It is easier to cut, plus you don't have to deal with unrolling a cotton ball. Japanese cotton compares well with cellulose cotton. Both are valued for their juice capacity. You can also purchase Japanese Organic Cotton, which certainly is purer than something produced by a beauty supply chain.

    Cellulose Cotton

    This type of cotton is frequently referred to as CelluCotton and is available in most beauty supply stores. It will wick much better than any standard cotton ball, plus it burns less. Since it doesn't tend to burn out, cellulose cotton will last a lot longer than standard cotton.

    It is relatively new as a type of wicking material for vapers, so the research and reviews are not numerous. Since the manufacturing process is cleaner than normal cotton balls, which are deemed a safe wicking material for vaping, it is likely cellulose cotton is a viable option.


    If you really want to step up your vaping experience with cellulose cotton, use the rayon variety. It helps maintain a better temperature, and is gentler on sub-ohm rings. While rayon has a slight tendency to burn out, you will get a warning hit before you need to change your wick. Rayon produces a clean natural flavor with an outstanding juice capacity. There is a slight tendency for rayon to drip, but if you don't mind this minor disadvantage and love a good full vape experience, rayon is an excellent choice for your wicking material.


    Experienced vapers swear by hemp as a wicking material. It is going to cost you a lot more than a bag of cotton balls from the beauty store, but the results are astounding. The hemp will come out in a stringier fashion than a fluffy cotton ball, or pad.

    Hemp is a little more difficult to shape perfectly for vaping, but since it lasts longer, you don't have to change wicks as frequently. Hemp can have some byproducts left over during the manufacturing process, so some vapers do not like the thought of outside particles, toxic or not, in their wick.

    These four wicking materials are popular amongst the vaping community. The two varieties of cotton are excellent alternatives and rayon provides a clean, long-lasting wicking material. There are vapers that feel hemp is the best of all, but like each of these choices, it is the user's preference. Just remember that the type of material you use for your wicking can make a difference in your experience.

    The Growing Popularity of Cloud Competitions Across the United States

    The Growing Popularity of Cloud Competitions Across the United States

    Cloud competitions are something that have been getting increasingly popular over the last several years. This type of competition is also known as cloud chasing and is where vapers compete against each other to see who has the best clouds. There could be all kinds of different categories and multiple winners. The categories could be: biggest cloud, coolest tricks, and coolest cloud shape. These are simply a few that could be judged.

    These types of competitions usually take place at vaping expos. These competitions are taken very seriously and they even have sponsors, judges, and cash prizes. There are many who come to these expos just to watch the cloud competitions and they enjoy seeing the new tricks and the big clouds.

    The people who usually participate in these competitions are professional vapers. Not only do they practice their tricks and clouds a lot but they have been practicing for a long time. They usually have sponsors and even fans. In this respect, it is like cage fighting or competitive eating.

    These competitions will have different rules based on where it is being held, who is holding it, and the sponsors of the competition. This will also usually determine the prize, whether it be cash or something physical. Most of these competitions have very similar rules, which some of the universal rules are:

    • The judges will be people who are not connected to anyone in anyway.
    • The announcer is not allowed to offer any judging input and cannot be a judge.
    • The competitors will stand back to back at a designated place and the place isn't up for discussion.
    • There will be a countdown so you know when to inhale and exhale.
    • The contestants are expected to blow out at a 45-degree angle and away from their bodies.
    • If a contestant blows out before the announcer tells them to then it will be considered a foul.
    • A contestant can have one do-over and only one foul. If there are more than one fouls then the contestant is disqualified.
    • Good sportsmanship is expected and if it isn't shown then the contestant will be disqualified.
    • The way the winner is chosen is by the bracket method. The winner from each pairing will move to the next bracket until there are only 2 contestants left.

    When it comes to rules about MODs, each competition will have their own requirements. This could be anything from having a certain number of Ohms to needing to have certain parts. You will have to make sure you know all the rules before entering a competition.

    Most competitors will be using MODs because they are the preferred unit and because they are so customizable. These modders can experiment with their devices and make it so it produces bigger clouds. They can also mess with it to make the cloud either thinner or thicker, and that will help with certain kinds of tricks. You can pretty much experiment with every part of a MOD and make it completely your own- make it have the features that you want.

    Other Things To Keep In Mind: 

    • The e-juice the competitors use can also make a difference. A lot of vapers will use juices of 70% or more VG in them. This is to be able to increase their cloud productivity.
    • When using high levels of VG, not only will the MOD be important but the tank as well. Mainly the material of the tank. Hence why most of the vapers either use a Pyrex or glass tank that can handle the heat from their device as most of the tricks are done in a sub-ohmming style.
    • The battery they use needs to be able to handle the power and heat

    If you want to get into cloud competitions, then definitely do your research and make sure you read the rules thoroughly so you don't get disqualified. Another thing you should do is make sure you have the best MOD, e-juice, tank, and battery you possibly can use. And have some cool tricks up your sleeve because all the other competitors will be bringing their A-Game.