WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Top 3 2019 Apple-Flavored E-Liquids from The Sauce LA

     If you’re one of the many people who dreams of this luscious fruit even when they’re not in season, it’s time to check out the mouth-watering apple-flavored vape juices that The Sauce LA has to offer.

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    Top 3 Apple Vape Flavors at The Sauce LA

    Top 3 Apple Vape Flavors at The Sauce LA
    Who doesn't crave magnificently crisp, exquisitely juicy apples all year long? At The Sauce LA, you don't have to worry about whether or not this magical fruit is in season. You can get your hands on three outstanding apple-flavored e-juices that each provide you with that crisp and smooth taste in their own unique way. 

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    Top 3 Winter E-Juices at The Sauce LA

    Top 3 Winter E-Juices at The Sauce LA

    If you're feeling those notorious winter blues, it's time to cheer up your palate with seasonal delights like cold peppermint candy, sugary candied apples and sweet cinnamon cereal. If you want to indulge in comforting wintertime flavors without adding inches to your waist, you can vape these three extraordinary e-liquids. Each vape flavor delivers the yummy tastes that we associate with the cold winter months. You'll kiss those blues goodbye as your sweet tooth experiences intense pleasure. 

    Candy Apple

    When the weather gets cold, crisp flavors are what we crave. No holiday meal is complete without a dessert that glorifies the sweet, juicy apple. If you're a lover of apple flavors, Candied Apple vape juice will satisfy your cravings and comfort you on the chilliest winter days. As you inhale Candy Apple ejuice, the crisp and refreshing taste of ripe red apples splashes onto the tongue, making the palate feel like a million bucks. At first, tart notes of the apple are apparent. Then, the natural sweetness of this beloved fruit takes over. The sugary candy coating intoxicates the sweet tooth just in time for the exhale.


    The spicy taste of cinnamon is everywhere during the winter season. There's something about that warm spice that comforts us when we need it the most. That's why it's time to check out Cinnamilk vape juice. The flavor is a flawless replica of crunchy cereal that's coated in cinnamon and sugar before soaking in a milk bath. The rich, sweet and warm flavor profile will make you forget about the dreary weather outside your window. Each inhale of Cinnamilk e-juice makes the mouth water with a blend of cinnamon and sugar. The slightly savory taste of the cereal then develops on the back of the palate. When you exhale, a smooth river of rich, creamy milk satisfies you with its luxurious taste.

    Candy Cane

    What's more seasonal than a candy cane? The sweet and minty treat makes us think of our most treasured holiday memories. If you're in need of that peppermint candy fix but don't want to worry about cavities, Candy Cane vape juice will be your new best friend. The cold blast of peppermint will refresh you as that sugary finish pleases your sweet tooth. When you inhale Candy Cane e-juice, you'll feel like you're in a winter wonderland as icy peppermint swirls around on the tongue. As your mouth starts to tingle thanks to the icy taste, the sugary sweetness begins to come through, giving you the sensation of sucking on a real piece of peppermint candy. On the exhale, the sweetness intensifies.

    These three winter-inspired vape juice flavors will cheer you up when the days get dark and cold. If you love the flavors of the season, all three e-liquids will satisfy you beyond your wildest dreams.