WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Blending it Your Way from The Sauce LA!

    Blending it Your Way from The Sauce LA!
    If you thought that it didn’t get any better than the wonderful variety of e-liquids from The Sauce LA, just wait until you see what happens when you mix two of our signature flavors together. 

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    Top 3 2019 Awesometown Winter Vape Juices at The Sauce LA

    There’s nothing like indulging in a warm, comforting treat on a cold winter day.  Those who yearn for tasty wintertime flavors but don’t want to worry about calories can delight their taste buds with these three winter-inspired vape juices from The Sauce LA.

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    Top 3 Breakfast E-Juice Flavors at The Sauce LA

    If you're one of those people who loves breakfast flavors at all hours of the day, these three e-liquids from The Sauce LA will make your taste buds' dreams come true.

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    The Sauce LA Monthly Spotlight: Caramel Waffle Cappuccino | Best Coffee Vape Juice | The Pier

    The Sauce LA Monthly Spotlight: Caramel Waffle Cappuccino | Best Coffee Vape Juice | The Pier

    The Sauce LA Monthly Spotlight is a stunning vape juice that combines two flavors that are each inspired by decadent breakfast treats. Caramel Waffle Cappuccino vape juice lets you indulge in a sinful duo of tastes that captivate your taste buds. Between the fluffy, buttery waffle that's drizzled with gooey caramel and the rich, robust cappuccino that's topped with fluffy foamed milk, this vape juice is one that you're going to want to savor.

    Caramel Waffle Cappuccino e-juice is a dream-come-true for vape enthusiasts who could indulge in rich breakfast flavors all day long. The cappuccino flavor consists of smooth, robust espresso, creamy foamed milk and the perfect dose of sugar. The waffle flavor has notes of butter, caramelized sugar and vanilla that are enhanced by a generous drizzle of sticky caramel. Each hit is a deeply blissful experience for your taste buds.

    When you inhale, you'll notice the smooth and earthy espresso flavor right away. Then, the buttery taste of a fresh waffle climbs across the palate. The waffle's notes of vanilla start to blossom as the creamy milk from the cappuccino splashes on the tongue. On the exhale, the milk's creaminess sticks around while the sweet tooth is drenched in tantalizing caramel sauce.

    It boasts an 80 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20 percent propylene glycol (PG) base. This base ensures big, fluffy vape clouds and a smooth flavor. This base will also give you a decent hit to the throat with each inhale.

    Each is filled to order. This way, your vape juice will taste incredibly fresh when it arrives at your door. This vape juice consists of high-quality ingredients that are sourced domestically.

    Caramel Waffle Cappuccino e-liquid is a dazzling indulgence for breakfast lovers. Each flavor component is distinctive and unbelievably tasty. You'll never want to put this vape juice down.