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    How and Why Some Vape Chargers Don't Work with Certain Vaping Devices

    How and Why Some Vape Chargers Don't Work with Certain Vaping Devices

    It is very important to know how to charge a vaping device. Properly caring for a vape charger and using the proper charging techniques will extend the safety and life of the device. Vapers generally have many questions to what is best in vape chargers but the most commonly asked question is why some vape chargers do not work with certain vaping devices.? 

    Types of Charger
    There are different types of electronic cigarettes and MODs with different brands and models, with each having its own specific type of charger. There are three different types of chargers: USB chargers, Micro USB chargers, and cylindrical bay chargers. USB chargers are the most common and cheapest Micro USB chargers are becoming more popular and fits a wide variety of e-cigarette brands and models. It is the most popular choice as well, among vapers because of its changeability. Cylindrical bay chargers are the heavy-duty chargers that are used to recharge AA batteries. Usually, this charger comes with many safety features such as controls to prevent electric shock, overcharging, and short-circuiting.

    Is the Charger Brand Specific?
    Vape chargers are very brand specific. The biggest risk to using a vape charger incorrectly is the risk of explosion. In all situations, it is best to use the charger that was given with the device. This is because all vape chargers come with a wide variety of currents and voltages. Without matching the correct currents and voltages the impact of an explosion could result in the loss of a finger when handling a vape device and charger while plugged into an electric socket. 

    Does the Charger Only Work with Electronic Cigarettes or MODs?
    Yes, the vape charger only works with electronic cigarettes or MODs that it was supplied with. MODs customize the vaping experience and commonly come with built-in batteries. So, the chargers for MODs are not universal and are brand specific. It is thought that a standard Micro USB charger for an Android phone is the same type of charger that can plug into an e-cigarette or a MOD. However, Android phones are charged by Micro USBs that come in different currents and voltages. Therefore, using a vape charger with an Android phone charger or another type of device can be dangerous. It could possibly result in an explosion or irreparably damaging the device charger or both. It is also important that when charging (even when the charger is being used is the correct one) the device and charging should not be left unattended, in case, something goes wrong. The vape charger can overheat if left charging overnight. Overheated batteries can be seen to be expanding or swelling. which will cause them to lose their ability to hold a charger effectively. Also, running a vaping device with a low voltage for too long without charging will also damage your device. It is best to set a charging schedule that is monitored and ends as soon as the device is fully charged not before.

    It is recommended that in all cases, it is best to use the vape charger that is supplied with the vaping device by the supplier or manufacturer. Not all micro USB chargers are the same. Using the charger given to use with an Android phone will more than likely damage your vape device.