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    The Growing Popularity of Cloud Competitions Across the United States

    The Growing Popularity of Cloud Competitions Across the United States

    Cloud competitions are something that have been getting increasingly popular over the last several years. This type of competition is also known as cloud chasing and is where vapers compete against each other to see who has the best clouds. There could be all kinds of different categories and multiple winners. The categories could be: biggest cloud, coolest tricks, and coolest cloud shape. These are simply a few that could be judged.

    These types of competitions usually take place at vaping expos. These competitions are taken very seriously and they even have sponsors, judges, and cash prizes. There are many who come to these expos just to watch the cloud competitions and they enjoy seeing the new tricks and the big clouds.

    The people who usually participate in these competitions are professional vapers. Not only do they practice their tricks and clouds a lot but they have been practicing for a long time. They usually have sponsors and even fans. In this respect, it is like cage fighting or competitive eating.

    These competitions will have different rules based on where it is being held, who is holding it, and the sponsors of the competition. This will also usually determine the prize, whether it be cash or something physical. Most of these competitions have very similar rules, which some of the universal rules are:

    • The judges will be people who are not connected to anyone in anyway.
    • The announcer is not allowed to offer any judging input and cannot be a judge.
    • The competitors will stand back to back at a designated place and the place isn't up for discussion.
    • There will be a countdown so you know when to inhale and exhale.
    • The contestants are expected to blow out at a 45-degree angle and away from their bodies.
    • If a contestant blows out before the announcer tells them to then it will be considered a foul.
    • A contestant can have one do-over and only one foul. If there are more than one fouls then the contestant is disqualified.
    • Good sportsmanship is expected and if it isn't shown then the contestant will be disqualified.
    • The way the winner is chosen is by the bracket method. The winner from each pairing will move to the next bracket until there are only 2 contestants left.

    When it comes to rules about MODs, each competition will have their own requirements. This could be anything from having a certain number of Ohms to needing to have certain parts. You will have to make sure you know all the rules before entering a competition.

    Most competitors will be using MODs because they are the preferred unit and because they are so customizable. These modders can experiment with their devices and make it so it produces bigger clouds. They can also mess with it to make the cloud either thinner or thicker, and that will help with certain kinds of tricks. You can pretty much experiment with every part of a MOD and make it completely your own- make it have the features that you want.

    Other Things To Keep In Mind: 

    • The e-juice the competitors use can also make a difference. A lot of vapers will use juices of 70% or more VG in them. This is to be able to increase their cloud productivity.
    • When using high levels of VG, not only will the MOD be important but the tank as well. Mainly the material of the tank. Hence why most of the vapers either use a Pyrex or glass tank that can handle the heat from their device as most of the tricks are done in a sub-ohmming style.
    • The battery they use needs to be able to handle the power and heat

    If you want to get into cloud competitions, then definitely do your research and make sure you read the rules thoroughly so you don't get disqualified. Another thing you should do is make sure you have the best MOD, e-juice, tank, and battery you possibly can use. And have some cool tricks up your sleeve because all the other competitors will be bringing their A-Game.