WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Some Basic Vaping Misconceptions

    Some Basic Vaping Misconceptions

    If you finally made the change from cigarette smoking to vaping, or are considering a change, you do not need someone to criticize vaping, claiming that they know everything and that it is just as harmful as cigarettes. Of course there are so many misconceptions about practically any subject, but when one hears errors about something that comes “close to home” for them such as switching to vaping, it can be a lot to deal with so these myths must be cleared up.

    The process of vaping (or using an e-cigarette) is totally different from a cigarette. For one thing this electronic piece filters out no smoke and is noncombustible, releasing a vapor that is free from an odor (unless you choose to purchase an e-juice with a strong smell and taste from The Sauce LA) that vanishes promptly. Another important factor is that e-cigarettes are free from having any tobacco in them, so by vaping, there are no dangerous health risks from those toxic chemicals that are found in tobacco, leading to disease.

    Another fable about vaping is that some feel it is similar to smoke. To comprehend this more truthfully, one must understand that vapor changes its form by a liquid being heated from the coil to the precise temperature as it evaporates, better known as steam (or vapor), similar to a steam room. One must understand that burning tobacco initiates smoke, prompting carcinogens into the environment, thus leading to health hazards.

    Yet another misconception is that second-hand vapor threatens individuals who do not practice vaping. Compared to smoking a cigarette with its mounds of tobacco smoke resulting, vaping produces far less nicotine exposure. An e-cigarette does not alter the amount of gases or carbon monoxide found in the air and it is much safer when compared to the harmful toxins found in traditional cigarettes. When an individual who is not vaping is near a person who is, it does expose them slightly to nicotine but not as much as to those toxins found in the traditional cigarette.

    By understanding the common myths surrounding vaping, those that are knowledgeable can assist individuals who are sure that they know everything about vaping. Individuals who understand those vaping myths that circulate, can spread the truth that vaping and of how they are not harmful as smoking traditional cigarettes. Using e-cigarettes or other types of vaping devices are tobacco free and various research has indicated that they have less impact on our respiratory system and general health.