WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Dispose of Your Old E-Juice The Proper Way

    Dispose of Your Old E-Juice The Proper Way


    For many vapers, the disposal of e-juice is one of the least likable parts of the practice. Unsurprisingly, many vapers do not quite know the best ways to dispose of their e-juice once it gets too old to use. Perhaps it is important to note at this point that there is no definitive expiration date for e-liquid and that one can still use it even after it has been in use for quite some time. However, eventually one still needs to get rid of it, or maybe even to change the flavor of their vape. 

    Ultimately, it is not advisable to use the same e-juice over more than two years. At around this point, it is important to consider changing your e-liquid, during which event one must dispose of the one they have been using. Such old vape juice does not taste or smell all that good. While there is no ultimately agreed upon disposal method for juice, there are several generally recognized upon dos and don’ts which will ensure that the process is carried out correctly. As with the disposal of most other things, it is important that this is done as safely and with as little pollution as possible. 

    There are a couple of things that one must be careful not to do if they are to dispose of their e-juice safely:

    • First of which is to ensure that they do to throw it down the drain. It is widely believed that this may contaminate the water and cause issues down the drainage if everybody starts throwing their e-juice down the drain.
    • The second thing not to do is to throw the e-juice in the garbage can. This is perhaps the second simplest option and the most viable one for many seeing that throwing it down the drain is out of the question. However, throwing the e-juice into the garbage can would be a dangerous affair should it fall into the hands of children or others who may attempt to imbibe it, since it can be harmful, even fatal. Therefore, to avoid such an eventuality, it is important that one be careful not to throw e-juice in the garbage can. 

    So what is the right way to dispose of e-juice? Currently, the most viable and perhaps only safe and efficient way of getting rid of e-juice is by pouring it onto an absorbent kitty litter and placing it into a seal-able plastic bag before throwing it out. Once it has been absorbed in the kitty litter, it no longer poses a danger to children or any other members of society who may lay their hands on it later.

    3 Quick Summertime Vape Juice Storage Tips

    3 Quick Summertime Vape Juice Storage Tips

    Summertime is really in full swing and I must admit that this is my favorite season of the year. The freedom to go out and enjoy basically all outdoor activities, just lights me up. It is during the summer that we can afford to vape outdoors without worrying about freezing our hands or lips. However, even with those sunny days to make our vape sessions enjoyable, it is important that we don't forget that e-liquids are vulnerable and hence it is paramount that they be stored properly. Here are some storage tips for keeping your vape juices and their bottles in the best condition possible during these summer months.

    Summertime Vape Juice Storage Tip #1: Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

    Direct light is one of the major enemies to e-liquids. Therefore, it is important that you keep your e-juices away from direct sunlight, during these summer months. To do so, you can opt to store your liquids in tinted bottles rather than transparent bottles, especially when you plan to be storing them for a long time. Tinted Bottles tend to restrict the amount of ultraviolet rays that pass through your bottle and interact with your juice.

    However, if you must store your e-liquid in transparent bottles, it is important that they be kept in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Such places include cabinets, drawers or even the basement (if you have one). These places tend to be darker, and cool at the same time. As you look for a cool, dry and dark place to store your e-liquids, it is important that you avoid the refrigerator. Trust me, it will do your e-liquids more harm than good. Storing your e-liquids in the refrigerator might affect their flavor, not to mention freezing, which might change the consistency of the e-liquid. Also, refrigeration tends to cause condensation, which dilutes your e-liquids.

    Summertime Vape Juice Storage Tip #2: Avoid Storing in Enclosed Spaces That Are Exposed to the Sun

    Let us say you are going to the beach and on getting there, you are looking for a place to store your e-juice. My advice is to carry it with you instead of leaving it in the car. In the summer, cars tend to warm up, even more quickly, that is why you are advised against leaving your baby or pet in a car. If you leave your bottled e-liquid in an enclosed car, exposed to heat, you might as well be prepared to overcook your e-liquids. The heat will damage the components of your e-juice and leave you with a runny liquid that has a funny odor and taste. Not to mention the odor and mess it will leave on your clothes and car seat.

    Summertime Vape Juice Storage Tip #3: Seal Your Bottles

    It is a known fact that oxygen interacts with nicotine and alters its quality. In the summer months, due to the heat factor, the interaction is accelerated. Therefore, you need to store e-liquids in a sealed bottle to avoid oxygen from getting in and reducing the nicotine concentration.

    Most e-liquids contain nicotine and PG, the two ingredients that are most vulnerable to heat. Therefore, if you value your liquid and want to prevent wastage, it is important that you obey the summertime vape juice storage rules. This will keep you a happy vaper, throughout the season, all the while helping you save on e-juice replacement costs.

    Some Basic Vaping Misconceptions

    Some Basic Vaping Misconceptions

    If you finally made the change from cigarette smoking to vaping, or are considering a change, you do not need someone to criticize vaping, claiming that they know everything and that it is just as harmful as cigarettes. Of course there are so many misconceptions about practically any subject, but when one hears errors about something that comes “close to home” for them such as switching to vaping, it can be a lot to deal with so these myths must be cleared up.

    The process of vaping (or using an e-cigarette) is totally different from a cigarette. For one thing this electronic piece filters out no smoke and is noncombustible, releasing a vapor that is free from an odor (unless you choose to purchase an e-juice with a strong smell and taste from The Sauce LA) that vanishes promptly. Another important factor is that e-cigarettes are free from having any tobacco in them, so by vaping, there are no dangerous health risks from those toxic chemicals that are found in tobacco, leading to disease.

    Another fable about vaping is that some feel it is similar to smoke. To comprehend this more truthfully, one must understand that vapor changes its form by a liquid being heated from the coil to the precise temperature as it evaporates, better known as steam (or vapor), similar to a steam room. One must understand that burning tobacco initiates smoke, prompting carcinogens into the environment, thus leading to health hazards.

    Yet another misconception is that second-hand vapor threatens individuals who do not practice vaping. Compared to smoking a cigarette with its mounds of tobacco smoke resulting, vaping produces far less nicotine exposure. An e-cigarette does not alter the amount of gases or carbon monoxide found in the air and it is much safer when compared to the harmful toxins found in traditional cigarettes. When an individual who is not vaping is near a person who is, it does expose them slightly to nicotine but not as much as to those toxins found in the traditional cigarette.

    By understanding the common myths surrounding vaping, those that are knowledgeable can assist individuals who are sure that they know everything about vaping. Individuals who understand those vaping myths that circulate, can spread the truth that vaping and of how they are not harmful as smoking traditional cigarettes. Using e-cigarettes or other types of vaping devices are tobacco free and various research has indicated that they have less impact on our respiratory system and general health.

    USA Made E-Juices Are The Way To Go

    USA Made E-Juices Are The Way To Go

    If you are just starting to vape, whether for a way to quit smoking or otherwise, there is one rule you should live by when purchasing e-liquid. Always make sure it is made in the USA. If it is not, the quality will more than likely be below standard, and you won't be supporting the local stores and online shops.

    Probably the biggest problem I had when I first started vaping back in 2010 was that I didn't know there were actually amazing vape shops in my town. I just thought everyone was buying e-juice from the convenience stores and box stores. But these products don't offer quality flavors, although they are cheap they are also cheaply made. The companies that make the e-juice over seas don't care about the quality of their flavors. They can mass produce their products and send them to stores all over the world. Their logic is, "Eh, who cares if they buy it again. All we need them to do is buy it once and we've made money".

    Then I discovered the local shops and found that not only did their flavors taste better, but they had way better equipment as well. It was more convenient to have someone face to face that could knowledgeably recommend flavors, tanks, batteries, and so on. Not to mention, I was no longer giving my business to companies that didn't care whether I returned or not. Vaping businesses here in the United States can't make it without return business from customers. Even if their customer base is huge, it only takes a few people speaking ill to stop several potential customers from coming in at all.

    Small companies know that if they impress one person, that person will tell others about them and recommend them. This is how their business works. But this is not the only reason to buy locally, or at least on a USA website such as The Sauce LA.

    Another reason to buy in the U.S. is that there are laws that limit e-liquid manufactures and distributors in this country that do not effect those overseas companies. This means they could be adding anything to the mass produced e-juice. Namely chemicals, which is what people who quit smoking are trying to avoid. That sort of defeats the purpose. I personally had never felt worse in my life when I used these mass produced juices. Eventually, I quit vaping and picked smoking back up before discovering the locally owned vape shops of the higher quality.

    The most important thing to know about local versus mass producers are the ingredients used. Vape companies list their ingredients on every bottle, and make it well-known what they are selling you. In fact, the local USA based e-liquid manufactures normally use a common ingredient in asthma medication for a base. I mean, if it is good enough to ease a respiratory disease how harmful could it be. But, believe it or not, this is what most people confuse to be poison. It is not poison. It is a common base for many things that are delivered through the respiratory system. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the overseas companies. They use whatever is cheapest for a base, though they may have a few of the same ingredients listed on their bottles, there are so many additives it is hard to pick out the harmful from the harmless.

    As you can see, purchasing USA Made E-Juice is better for your health, your vaping experience, and our economy. Keep all of these things in mind before the next time you buy.

    Benefits of Using Pure Ingredients in Our E-Liquids

    Benefits of Using Pure Ingredients in Our E-Liquids

    Most vaping devices use a mixture of nicotine and flavoring that a heating coil vaporizes to produce vapor. Generally, e-liquid contains Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), nicotine, and flavoring. PG and VG act as the medium for the nicotine and flavoring to travel in and are available in USP food grade quality. Using pure ingredients in the manufacturing of e-liquid is critical to ensuring the health and safety of the consumer. If strict quality control practices are not implemented and followed, illness and injury become possibilities.

    Using pure nicotine in a mixture of e-liquid is very important. Impurities in the nicotine can lead to off flavors in the final product. These impurities can also affect the consistency and performance of the atomizer. Impurities in the base nicotine can cause the atomizer coil to become caked with debris over time and produce poor vapor and flavor. Additionally, impure nicotine may be labeled at an improper strength level, causing the user to purchase a liquid that may be too strong for their liking.

    Flavoring in e-liquids is another important area to consider. Using pure flavoring will ensure that the flavor can be reproduced accurately with each batch that is made. Impure flavoring additives will create wildly varying results from batch to batch, not to mention the possibility that some flavoring may be so tainted that it is completely unusable. Also, as with impurities in base nicotine, impurities in flavoring will ultimately lead to decreased atomizer performance and will also produce poor or off-flavors.

    USP food grade quality Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin must be used in e-liquids to ensure the consumer is not inhaling unknown contaminants. These ingredients are used commonly in things like cosmetics and many medical personal care items as well as in e-liquids, so food grade quality ingredients are easily obtained. Taking care to use pure PG and VG will result in the final product being produced properly.

    To conclude, taking the extra steps to make sure pure ingredients are used in the production of e-liquid will always produce a superior product. That is why we use a pure nicotine base, we make sure the flavoring additives are clean and pure, and we always use USP food grade PG and VG. When purchasing e-liquids from us, if at any time you have questions, please let us know, as we are always here to help our fellow vapers.