WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Morning and Evening Vape Sessions

    Morning and Evening Vape Sessions

    If you are a regular vape user, you might have wondered whether or no there is any tremendous differences regarding the effects that vaping can have on the body depending on the time of day a vaping session takes place.

    Whether or not you consider yourself a frequent vape user and someone whom is educated on the topic, or simply if curiosity has led you to stumble upon this article, it is interesting to know there are different factors that can alter the experience of your vaping session. 

    It is important to note that the effects vaping may cause vary from person to person.

    For some individuals, a vaping session in the early morning before or during their morning coffee completely upstarts their day. Claiming that doing so fills their body with positivity and energy to take on the day. Others, in the same initial morning vape routine, swear by taking a few puffs before or after their shower, insisting that this enhances their experience greatly. A few puffs before or during breakfast have also been noted to alter the taste of their food by a great amount for some frequent users. 

    While some individuals experience great psychological and physical effects from an early morning vaping session, others are not as fortunate. A huge downside to an early morning vape session for many individuals are parched and dry mouths. That raspy feeling in their throats that leaves it begging for a drop of water is the deal breaker for some people. For a few people, vaping first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach can bring on killer headaches. Although a cold glass of water or juice can alleviate many of these early morning vaping symptoms, some rather completely stay away from their vape early in the morning hours. 

    On a completely opposite note, vaping in the evening hours is the best experience for some. Snuggling in bed with your favorite vaporizer, a book or a movie playing in the background after a long day, can bring ease and relaxation to the mind. Watching the thick smoke exhaled from the users mouth can slowly help them drift away into a clear mind and full control of their thoughts. 

    For some individuals, vaping at night has no effects on their sleeping patterns. They can vape but it wont be the reason for their sleepiness, while others might need to vape to fall asleep. You might be among the ones who find vaping causes trouble while trying to fall asleep. It can occur, so the best thing to do if you do want to vape in the evening hours is to try and do so 3-4 hours before actual bed time. This way it will not disturb your sleep. 

    Being aware of the device you use to vape with and the flavor you are taking in is an important factor. Menthol flavors in a low strength are a few's favorite for an early AM coffee and vape session. Many individuals enjoy the cool flavor of the mint in their mouth followed by the warm taste of a perfectly brewed coffee. 

    As for vaping devices, changing out the coil of your device can improve the intake making it for way smoother hits. 

    The e-juice PG/VG ratio may also play a factor when it comes to how smooth the vape hits are. A 100% VG can greatly improve the harsh feeling on the throat. 

    It is important to keep experimenting even if you are an experienced vape user. 

    Vaping affects everyone in different ways. Vaping might not be for you at all, or maybe you are not doing it in the best way that it suits you. Try different things when vaping, different flavors, different devices, and different strengths to see what fits you the most.