WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    HUD Got It Right For Vaping

    HUD Got It Right For Vaping


    When it comes to the location of where you can vape, it is not the same as tobacco products. The HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, has banned the use of tobacco products, but left the usage of vaping to the user's discretion. This is huge for the vaping community because for starters, more people can progressively eliminate the excessive amount of nicotine consumed from tobacco products.

    The use of tobacco products inside homes and public housing can cause endless health issues for not only the person directly consuming them, but also any other man, woman, or child within those walls. By banning smoking tobacco in public housing, it allowed for vaping to step in and show there are other alternatives. But there should be an emphasis on that other alternative being healthier, and more safe for the direct consumer and those around her/him. I think the use of an alternative method for smokers is exquisite. For example, when you tell a drug addict to stop doing drugs, but give them no alternative, they guaranteed will not stop. Same applies for nicotine addicts. If you do not offer an alternative, they will tell you no because there is no other option.

    The HUD is trying to correct the bad habits of their tenants in public housing by giving them an alternative, which is vaping. The HUD is not trying to inconvenience anyone, but rather trying to show everyone a healthier way of life without having to quit tobacco usage all at once.

    The vaping community, obviously, will benefit to the absolute max with this ban being put into play. Yes, there will be a ton of negative feedback towards vaping because of this ban, but people will realize the alternative method they were given is healthier, cheaper, and has a better scent. Having a ban in public housing on tobacco usage inside will force its tenants to look into the other methods of still smoking inside without being fined. This will then bring them to vaping as an option. With vaping for these frequent tobacco users, it will allow the nicotine consumer to pick from different flavors to smoke and smell, rather than the usual tobacco foul, to some, taste and smell.

    Ultimately, vaping is a safer, cleaner, and cheaper alternative. That is why HUD made the right, and appropriate, decision to ban the usage of tobacco products inside public housing. This is a step forward in the right direction to make our communities healthier for our future generations. By the tenants switching over to vaping, they are allowing themselves to cut back on the nicotine intake, without even noticing they are. For example, if one were to start at a nicotine level of 12 in vaping, they may get sick of how much it is and it may be too harsh, so they would decrease the nicotine level.

    The vaping community was pissed about the added taxes to their products, along with the bans towards vape usage; however, this specific ban on tobacco allows vaping to get their products and their message out there. This is an excellent step in the right direction.