WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Flavor Boost | Mango Tropical Blast

    Flavor Boost | Mango Tropical Blast

    Flavor Boost

    Do Not Vape Without Dilution

    Mango Tropical Blast DIY Vape Flavoring Concentrate By The Sauce LA

    Flavors: Mango+Tangerine+Sweet Tea

    Looking for something refreshing? Look no further than the Mango Tropical Blast Flavor Boost from The Sauce LA! Use this mixture to add a flavor shot to Mango Tropical Blast or use our classic blend as an ingredient in your DIY mixture!

    Mix this product with VG, PG, and nicotine (if desired) to create your custom blend of Mango Tropical Blast. You can mix at any ratio you like - 80/20, 50/50, or 30/70. 

    Top 3 Fruity E-Juice Flavors From The Sauce LA Collection

    Top 3 Fruity E-Juice Flavors From The Sauce LA Collection

    Nothing tantalizes the palate like a blend of fresh, tantalizing fruit flavors. If you're wild about fruity vape juices, these three fruit flavors will satisfy you immensely. Each e-juice listed below is made with the very best flavoring ingredients around, allowing you to bask in authentic, pure fruity goodness whenever you vape.

    Passion Fruit Cooler

    Passion Fruit Cooler vape juice is the ultimate flavor for moments of intense thirst. The e-liquid is like a refreshing iced tea that's infused with a plethora of exquisite fruity tastes. The twist of citrus at the end adds complexity to the flavor profile that will make you want to vape this flavor all day long. Upon inhaling Passion Fruit Cooler e-juice, juicy passion fruit flavor instantly satisfies you with its sweet and slightly tart notes. Then, the sweetness from juicy strawberries gives your sweet tooth what it craves. When you exhale, earthy green tea and tart lemon add balance to this refreshing blend of flavors.

    Mango Tropical Blast

    Mango Tropical Blast vape juice delivers intense mango flavor that isn't like anything you've ever tasted before. Flavors like slightly bitter green tea, bright tangerine and refreshing passion fruit balance out the tropical tang of the mango, resulting in a blend of tastes that will keep the tongue on the edge of its seat. Each inhale of Mango Tropical Blast vape juice soaks the tongue in sweet and tangy mango flavor. Then, the earthy taste of green tea takes over the palate, acting as a base for the bright mango taste. When you exhale, sweet tangerine and tart passion fruit flavors make you drool with delight.

    The Sauce

    The Sauce vape juice is the ideal choice for those who love bright, cheery fruit blends. Sharp tangerine, sweet strawberry, zesty lime and tangy kiwi put a smile on your face and lift the spirits while delighting you with satisfying flavor. This is the perfect e-juice for hot summer days when you're feeling extra thirsty. As you inhale The Sauce vape juice, the tangy and sweet notes of juicy, ripe strawberries makes the mouth water on impact. The strawberry taste is soon joined by bright tangerine flavor that has just the right balance between sweet and tart flavor notes. An exhilarating splash of tropical kiwi flavor squirts onto the tongue before the glorious twist of lime adds complexity to the overall flavor.

    These three fruit flavors will satisfy your cravings as soon as you inhale. If you're in need of something deeply refreshing, all three of these glorious fruity concoctions will do the trick.