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    An Intro To The World of DIY E-Juice

    An Intro To The World of DIY E-Juice

    Do It Yourself e-juice, is homemade e-juice using PG or VG as your base and adding in flavors and nicotine to create a taste for your own special recipe. You can learn to make e-juice that tastes just as good as the store bought juice and it will not cost half as much as the store brand. You can also experiment with different types of flavors. Making your own is becoming a hobby with many people who vape. 

    How E-Juice Is Made

    Making your own e-juice is not as hard as many vapers think. If you like to use the sub-ohm settings to make large clouds, you may find you are going through 10 ml. in one day. That can become expensive, especially if you favor the premium brands. The answer to saving money on your vaping is to make your own e-juice. 

    First of all you will need to know the amount of nicotine you would like to use when vaping. If you do not want nicotine at all, it will be easier to get your mixture together. You should be using diluted nicotine and use the strength in milligrams. There are charts and apps you can use to figure out the strength you would use in vaping. Add a little less nicotine at first so you do not over do on the nicotine. If the nicotine is 'okay', but you want a little more throat hit, you could add a drop of vodka. It doesn’t take much vodka, so add it a drop at a time.

    Prepare Flavor or Flavors

    Beginners should start with just one or two flavors because it does take so skill and luck to get it right. Your flavor is what makes your e-juice great or awful. Your flavoring should be 10 per cent or less of your total mixture. Unless you know what you want, use a little less than the recipe calls for and add more flavor after steeping and a taste test.

    Artificial flavors are complicated to work with and can change their flavor if too much is used at one time. Also, mixing two together might not give you the flavor you are looking for when you vape. Start with a small amount of each flavor if you are mixing, so you do not waste a large batch.

    Preparing the Base

    The base is made up of PG and VG. Usually it is a 50/50 blend but can be a blend of up to 80/20. Do not forget that your nicotine also has some levels of VG or PG, you will need to take this into consideration when mixing your base.

    Mix Your Blend

    When you have everything ready, put the mixture in a bottle and shake it. Shake it really, really, hard because high VG e-juices are very thick. They need a lot of shaking in order to mix the ingredients properly.

    Steep or Not To Steep

    Just like a fine aged wine, e-juices will taste much better after steeping. Steeping is when you leave your already mixed ingredients to sit for a while. It needs to be left in a cool, dark place for at least a few days. There is no set time for how long to steep your mixtures. The mixture will need to be shaken every once in a while because the denser ingredients will settle to the bottom.

    Some vapers will put their opened bottles of e-liquid in warm water to steep quicker. By leaving the tops off the bottles, the oxygen in the air will make the alcohol vaporize into the air. This speeds up the process so you can use your new batch quicker.

    After steeping, the juice will change color and the flavor will change. This is because the nicotine is getting oxidized. The color may be a deep yellow or light brown and this is telling you that your e-juice is being properly steeped. 

    A few good pieces of advice about making your own e-juice are to make sure you take very good notes along the way. Many vapers enjoy making their own e-juice because they can finally find that famous rich flavor that they have been looking for in a juice. They will want to take solid notes so they can make it again and again. Make sure your notes include the ratios and amounts so you can replicate the same mixture.

    If you are making your e-juice for the first time, do not make too much at once. If you are looking for a great throat hit, add more PG. If you are looking for denser vapor clouds, but want a milder throat hit, add more VG.

    Remember that the longer you steep, the milder the flavor will be in your e-juice. If you want a stronger rich flavor, steep for just a couple of days or not at all.

    Avoiding Spit Back Issues When Vaping

    Avoiding Spit Back Issues When Vaping


    One of the biggest bubble busters in vaping is spit backs. Most vapers tend to underestimate this issue until one day they are busy billowing clouds or simply doing some leisure vaping, and all of a sudden it is ruined by hot droplets of e-liquid getting into the mouth. This not only ruins your vaping experience, but could be pose a danger both to you and your tank. So, let us look at what spit back is, its effects on the vaping experience, and how it can be avoided.

    What is a Spit Back and How Does it Affect the Vaping Experience?

    As the name insinuates, spit backs are those droplets of hot liquid that spit up to the mouth piece and into your mouth, when you are vaping. Spit backs happen when e-liquid gets to the actual coil. This is instead of going through the process of being wicked and then being vaporized. When the e-liquid leaks to the coil itself, it begins to get boiled instead of being vaporized. Therefore, just like other boiling substances, it will start to sputter and that is how it get to your mouthpiece. In most cases, e-liquid leaking to the coils is caused by flooding. However, sometimes spit backs might occur even without flooding.

    Now that we have understood what spit backs are and what causes them, it will be easy to understand the solutions to this dreaded issue.

    How to Avoid Spit Backs

    Spit backs might not totally be avoided, but it is worth trying everything to reduce its chances. Through the years, vapers have creatively devised some ways to get around spit backs. Here are some of the most common ways used to get rid of spit backs.

    Try an E-Juice with a Higher VG Ratio

    A very light e-juice might be the reason why your coils are flooding. Throat hit and flavor chasers are particularly vulnerable to flooding because they go for higher PG ratios. Besides, propylene glycol is known as a flavor carrier and enhances throat hit. By going for higher VG ratios, you will be increasing the viscosity of your e-liquid, which tends to slow down the wicking.

    Increase Power

    Another way to avoid the spit backs is by increasing your wattage. Low power prevents e-liquid from being heated and vaporized rapidly, which leads to flooding. Thus, if you increase the power, more liquid will be vaporized instead of leaking into the coils.

    Change your Inhaling Technique

    Inhaling too quickly and hard is one of the most common reasons for spit backs. If you are inhaling too hard, chances are that you will pull more e-liquid into the coil chamber and this increases the chances if flooding. Therefore, you are advised to pull slower and gently and allow the wick to do the hard work for you.

    Avoid Over-Priming

    Priming is great for the coils. However, if you happen to over-prime, e-juice will definitely get to the coils and cause spit backs. Therefore, always be careful while priming. Also, ensure that you fire your device a few times before you can begin inhaling. This will clear spit backs, in case you over-primed.


    If you experience regular spit backs and would like to avoid them in the future, then you should try the above techniques. But, if you have tried everything and you are still getting the spit backs, then you might need to get a new mouthpiece. Invest in an angled mouthpiece, maybe spherical or rotatable drip tips. This will prevent juice from getting into your mouth even when spit backs are inevitable.