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    4 Wicking Materials That Can Really Make a Vaping Difference

    4 Wicking Materials That Can Really Make a Vaping Difference

    The material you use for your wicking needs has changed over the years about as much as vaping has. Wicking began as whatever old cotton balls you could find. Today there are specially designed types of wicking material that really can make a huge difference in your vaping experience. With that said, here are 4 of the more popular wicking materials and why you should try them until you find your favorite.

    Japanese Cotton

    Japanese cotton is made in pads. For vaping, you will need to cut them to fit. Many experienced vapers swear by the quality and consistency. You can buy Japanese cotton either bleached or unbleached. If the idea of bleach in your vaping sounds a little odd, you are not alone. Most vapers prefer the unbleached Japanese cotton to the bleached.

    You should first pull the pad apart into two pieces. It is easier to cut, plus you don't have to deal with unrolling a cotton ball. Japanese cotton compares well with cellulose cotton. Both are valued for their juice capacity. You can also purchase Japanese Organic Cotton, which certainly is purer than something produced by a beauty supply chain.

    Cellulose Cotton

    This type of cotton is frequently referred to as CelluCotton and is available in most beauty supply stores. It will wick much better than any standard cotton ball, plus it burns less. Since it doesn't tend to burn out, cellulose cotton will last a lot longer than standard cotton.

    It is relatively new as a type of wicking material for vapers, so the research and reviews are not numerous. Since the manufacturing process is cleaner than normal cotton balls, which are deemed a safe wicking material for vaping, it is likely cellulose cotton is a viable option.


    If you really want to step up your vaping experience with cellulose cotton, use the rayon variety. It helps maintain a better temperature, and is gentler on sub-ohm rings. While rayon has a slight tendency to burn out, you will get a warning hit before you need to change your wick. Rayon produces a clean natural flavor with an outstanding juice capacity. There is a slight tendency for rayon to drip, but if you don't mind this minor disadvantage and love a good full vape experience, rayon is an excellent choice for your wicking material.


    Experienced vapers swear by hemp as a wicking material. It is going to cost you a lot more than a bag of cotton balls from the beauty store, but the results are astounding. The hemp will come out in a stringier fashion than a fluffy cotton ball, or pad.

    Hemp is a little more difficult to shape perfectly for vaping, but since it lasts longer, you don't have to change wicks as frequently. Hemp can have some byproducts left over during the manufacturing process, so some vapers do not like the thought of outside particles, toxic or not, in their wick.

    These four wicking materials are popular amongst the vaping community. The two varieties of cotton are excellent alternatives and rayon provides a clean, long-lasting wicking material. There are vapers that feel hemp is the best of all, but like each of these choices, it is the user's preference. Just remember that the type of material you use for your wicking can make a difference in your experience.