WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    USA Made E-Juices Are The Way To Go

    USA Made E-Juices Are The Way To Go

    If you are just starting to vape, whether for a way to quit smoking or otherwise, there is one rule you should live by when purchasing e-liquid. Always make sure it is made in the USA. If it is not, the quality will more than likely be below standard, and you won't be supporting the local stores and online shops.

    Probably the biggest problem I had when I first started vaping back in 2010 was that I didn't know there were actually amazing vape shops in my town. I just thought everyone was buying e-juice from the convenience stores and box stores. But these products don't offer quality flavors, although they are cheap they are also cheaply made. The companies that make the e-juice over seas don't care about the quality of their flavors. They can mass produce their products and send them to stores all over the world. Their logic is, "Eh, who cares if they buy it again. All we need them to do is buy it once and we've made money".

    Then I discovered the local shops and found that not only did their flavors taste better, but they had way better equipment as well. It was more convenient to have someone face to face that could knowledgeably recommend flavors, tanks, batteries, and so on. Not to mention, I was no longer giving my business to companies that didn't care whether I returned or not. Vaping businesses here in the United States can't make it without return business from customers. Even if their customer base is huge, it only takes a few people speaking ill to stop several potential customers from coming in at all.

    Small companies know that if they impress one person, that person will tell others about them and recommend them. This is how their business works. But this is not the only reason to buy locally, or at least on a USA website such as The Sauce LA.

    Another reason to buy in the U.S. is that there are laws that limit e-liquid manufactures and distributors in this country that do not effect those overseas companies. This means they could be adding anything to the mass produced e-juice. Namely chemicals, which is what people who quit smoking are trying to avoid. That sort of defeats the purpose. I personally had never felt worse in my life when I used these mass produced juices. Eventually, I quit vaping and picked smoking back up before discovering the locally owned vape shops of the higher quality.

    The most important thing to know about local versus mass producers are the ingredients used. Vape companies list their ingredients on every bottle, and make it well-known what they are selling you. In fact, the local USA based e-liquid manufactures normally use a common ingredient in asthma medication for a base. I mean, if it is good enough to ease a respiratory disease how harmful could it be. But, believe it or not, this is what most people confuse to be poison. It is not poison. It is a common base for many things that are delivered through the respiratory system. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the overseas companies. They use whatever is cheapest for a base, though they may have a few of the same ingredients listed on their bottles, there are so many additives it is hard to pick out the harmful from the harmless.

    As you can see, purchasing USA Made E-Juice is better for your health, your vaping experience, and our economy. Keep all of these things in mind before the next time you buy.