WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Vapers are Vapers. Not E-Smokers.

    Vapers are Vapers. Not E-Smokers.

    What do you call the people you see vaping? If you aren’t familiar with the practice, you might label them “e-smokers”. This is really an inaccurate designation, because vaping is far removed from smoking.

    The confusion has come about because of the way that vapers have evolved. In the beginning there were disposable and real basic electronic cigarettes. They were a way for smokers to "smoke" without the necessity of an actual burning cigarette. While not smoking, the fact that these were called e-cigarettes led people to call the people using them “e-smokers.”

    Vaping has evolved quite a bit from those meager beginnings. Today many people vape. In fact, some vapers have never smoked at all. The difference between the two habits is night and day. Unfortunately, the use of the term e-smokers has led to a discouraging social view of vapers. Calling them by what they are could help change the way vapers are viewed by society.

    Smoke and vapor are 100% different!

    Smokers use cigarettes or cigars, which release toxins in the air and into the person's body, and SMOKE. While the contents of different e-liquids vary, none hold the identical chemicals as cigarettes. It is also important to note that none of these chemicals are released into the air by vaping. Only VAPOR is released.

    Vaping is also superior to smoking because it doesn’t have the harsh consequences that smoking has for the user. Vaping will not tear up your throat or make it hard to breathe. In the beginning though, you might experience coughing, but that is because your lungs are getting rid of the tar that was built up as your lungs get adjusted to the vapor. Thus far, the effects of vaping have been inconclusive, and there have been no connections to cancer.

    When you know the facts, it is easy to see that vapers aren’t anything like smokers, and shouldn’t be referred to as such. Calling vapers “e-smokers” puts a negative light on what they do. Vaping is most certainly not smoking. It is imperative that you call them “vapers”, so that society can get better knowledge for how it isn’t the same as smoking. With enough awareness, perhaps vaping can become socially acceptable.

    The Truth About Vaping After a Workout

    The Truth About Vaping After a Workout


    It is common knowledge that smoking and working out do not go well together. Smoke causes your lungs to feel heavy and seriously undermines your efforts to workout and stay healthy.

    With this thinking in mind, many people assume that vaping is a better alternative and perfectly fine to do after a workout. The problem is that while the vapor in e-cigs is not the by product of combustion, it does nothing about the nicotine, which can be just as detrimental to a good workout as smoking. This is especially true if the e-liquid you are using contains a high nicotine level.

    First off, nicotine is a stimulant, which means it is going to make your heart beat
     much faster than it should be. This is bad while working out because it is going to cause you to burn through your energy far quicker than normal. The same applies for after a workout. If you are vaping after a workout, you are preventing your body from cooling down. You may feel relaxed while vaping, but in reality the nicotine is actually preventing your body from resting. Nicotine also reduces the level of oxygen in your blood. Your muscles need high levels of oxygen after a workout in order to grow. Therefore, if you are vaping after a workout, you are reducing your gains from that session.

    What's more, nicotine also negatively affects the cells that produce testosterone, which is also essential for muscle growth. If you are vaping after a workout, you are bottle necking two of the essential ingredients of muscle growth.

    You should also keep in mind that while vaping may not make your lungs feel as bad as smoking, you are still filling your lungs with aerosols (as opposed to clean air). This really depends on how often you are vaping, but if you are a frequent vaper, then you will notice yourself breathing harder on cardio workouts. Vaping may not be comparable to smoking with respect to affecting workouts, but should be done cautiously before or after working out. If you have to vape after a good workout, try to wait a good half hour or so, so that your body has enough time to cool down. If you vape the moment you're out the gym door, then again, you are seriously undermining yourself by reducing your gains.

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