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    Steep Those Salt-Based E-Liquids Right!

    Steep Those Salt-Based E-Liquids Right!

    If you’ve been vaping freebase e-liquids for a while, you might already know about steeping.  Steeping is a process that involves allowing the e-liquid’s flavor and nicotine molecules to oxidize, resulting in what many believe is a more satisfying vape overall.

    However, if you’ve recently switched over to salt nic e-juice, you might be wondering whether or not steeping is still necessary.  As you’ll see, the answer isn’t so simple.  However, we’re going to walk you through the ways in which you can steep your salt nic vape juice in order to enjoy it to its fullest potential.

    What is Steeping?

    Steeping refers to the oxidization of certain molecules in e-liquid.  By allowing the juice to steep, its flavor becomes more potent and complex.  Similarly, at least with freebase nic e-liquid, its nicotine tends to become more potent.

    E-liquids are composed of lots of different molecules.  During the steeping process, these molecules interact with oxygen.  Some molecules evaporate, allowing the flavor and nicotine to become more concentrated.

    Is Steeping Required with Salt Nic Vape Juice?

    There’s much debate regarding whether or not steeping a salt nic vape juice is crucial.  While many feel that it makes a tremendous difference, others report that this process has no effect on their e-liquid whatsoever.

    However, it’s widely believed that steeping does benefit the flavor of your nic salt liquid.  While nicotine salts themselves don’t seem to oxidize during the steeping process, the flavor does seem to get stronger and richer as the molecules oxidize. 

    If flavor is extremely important to you, it really can’t hurt to steep your nic salts.  Especially if you’ve already been steeping your freebase e-liquids, it’s absolutely worth a try.

    How to Steep a Salt Nic Vape Juice

    There are a couple methods for steeping your salt nic vape juices:  

    • The most popular method involves placing your juice bottles in a dark, cool area like a closet or a cabinet for up to two weeks. This allows the perfect amount of oxygen to enter into the e-liquid.  Many find that gently shaking each bottle once daily adds to the effectiveness of this method.
    • Another option is using a warm bath to force the oxidization process. First, fill a shallow basin with warm water.  Make sure that the water isn’t hot as this can ruin the e-liquids consistency.  Then, place all of your juice bottles in a large, resealable plastic bag.  Place the bag in the water and allow it to sit overnight.  The next morning, your e-liquid may appear darker in color.  This means that the oxidization process has occurred.

    To Steep Your Salt Nicotine E-Liquids is Up To You

    Whether or not you steep your salt nic e-liquid is up to you.  However, many do believe that this process improves the flavor of their juice.

    An Intro To The World of DIY E-Juice

    An Intro To The World of DIY E-Juice

    Do It Yourself e-juice, is homemade e-juice using PG or VG as your base and adding in flavors and nicotine to create a taste for your own special recipe. You can learn to make e-juice that tastes just as good as the store bought juice and it will not cost half as much as the store brand. You can also experiment with different types of flavors. Making your own is becoming a hobby with many people who vape. 

    How E-Juice Is Made

    Making your own e-juice is not as hard as many vapers think. If you like to use the sub-ohm settings to make large clouds, you may find you are going through 10 ml. in one day. That can become expensive, especially if you favor the premium brands. The answer to saving money on your vaping is to make your own e-juice. 

    First of all you will need to know the amount of nicotine you would like to use when vaping. If you do not want nicotine at all, it will be easier to get your mixture together. You should be using diluted nicotine and use the strength in milligrams. There are charts and apps you can use to figure out the strength you would use in vaping. Add a little less nicotine at first so you do not over do on the nicotine. If the nicotine is 'okay', but you want a little more throat hit, you could add a drop of vodka. It doesn’t take much vodka, so add it a drop at a time.

    Prepare Flavor or Flavors

    Beginners should start with just one or two flavors because it does take so skill and luck to get it right. Your flavor is what makes your e-juice great or awful. Your flavoring should be 10 per cent or less of your total mixture. Unless you know what you want, use a little less than the recipe calls for and add more flavor after steeping and a taste test.

    Artificial flavors are complicated to work with and can change their flavor if too much is used at one time. Also, mixing two together might not give you the flavor you are looking for when you vape. Start with a small amount of each flavor if you are mixing, so you do not waste a large batch.

    Preparing the Base

    The base is made up of PG and VG. Usually it is a 50/50 blend but can be a blend of up to 80/20. Do not forget that your nicotine also has some levels of VG or PG, you will need to take this into consideration when mixing your base.

    Mix Your Blend

    When you have everything ready, put the mixture in a bottle and shake it. Shake it really, really, hard because high VG e-juices are very thick. They need a lot of shaking in order to mix the ingredients properly.

    Steep or Not To Steep

    Just like a fine aged wine, e-juices will taste much better after steeping. Steeping is when you leave your already mixed ingredients to sit for a while. It needs to be left in a cool, dark place for at least a few days. There is no set time for how long to steep your mixtures. The mixture will need to be shaken every once in a while because the denser ingredients will settle to the bottom.

    Some vapers will put their opened bottles of e-liquid in warm water to steep quicker. By leaving the tops off the bottles, the oxygen in the air will make the alcohol vaporize into the air. This speeds up the process so you can use your new batch quicker.

    After steeping, the juice will change color and the flavor will change. This is because the nicotine is getting oxidized. The color may be a deep yellow or light brown and this is telling you that your e-juice is being properly steeped. 

    A few good pieces of advice about making your own e-juice are to make sure you take very good notes along the way. Many vapers enjoy making their own e-juice because they can finally find that famous rich flavor that they have been looking for in a juice. They will want to take solid notes so they can make it again and again. Make sure your notes include the ratios and amounts so you can replicate the same mixture.

    If you are making your e-juice for the first time, do not make too much at once. If you are looking for a great throat hit, add more PG. If you are looking for denser vapor clouds, but want a milder throat hit, add more VG.

    Remember that the longer you steep, the milder the flavor will be in your e-juice. If you want a stronger rich flavor, steep for just a couple of days or not at all.

    Steep It Like You Mean It

    Steep It Like You Mean It

    If you agree that aged wine tastes better then you will surely enjoy steeped e-juice. Just like aged wine, steeped e-juice has an enhanced and smoother flavor. Many vapers find it torture having to wait for their e-juice to steep. The good news is that, you don’t need to steep store-bought ones. Especially, the premium e-liquids, for they usually are pre-steeped. But if you don’t like the flavor of your bought e-juice, you can steep to check whether the taste will change. However, if you're making your liquid at home, steeping is a must. With all that said, here are just a few tips and tricks to help you properly steep your e-juices.

    Use a Glass Bottle
    When steeping, get a glass bottle instead of plastic bottles. Glass bottles retain more heat, hence speeding the steeping process. However, you should note that the choice of the steeping bottle used has no effect on the end taste.

    Steeping Time
    Steeping time is usually different for different flavors. Some flavors, for examples tobacco and other creamy flavors, will take up to three weeks for them to properly steep while others will take a relatively shorter amount of time to do so. It also varies with each vaper’s taste buds. So some enjoy fresh from the store. However, if you don’t like the harsh chemical-like taste, it's important that you steep until your taste buds feel that the flavor is right. If your flavor takes long to steep, there are a few tricks to speed up the process. First, give your e-juice a thorough shake, then take off the cap so as to oxidize. To hasten the steeping process, place your juice in a hot water bath, or use a dryer or microwave. The heat will help to speed up the oxidation process and mix up the ingredients rather rapidly.

    Tips for Breathing E-Juices
    Breathing e-juices is a traditional method of steeping. When you take the cap off, ensure that they do not seat open for more than 12 hours. If left to breathe for long, the flavor of your e-liquid will start to diminish instead of intensifying. Also, ingredients, such as nicotine, will start to diminish. Also, with traditional steeping, place your e-liquids in a dark but warm place. This will allow the solvents in your liquid rise above other ingredients and evaporate.

    Shaking the E-Liquid
    Before storing your e-liquid to steep, it's important that you shake your liquid well so that all ingredients blend. However, be sure not to shake too much and create micro-bubbles.

    Steeping is not a must. So you don’t have to impatiently wait for something you could have enjoyed even without steeping. Therefore, always taste your e-juices then decide whether steeping will improve them or whether they're great as they are.