WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    3 Quick Summertime Vape Juice Storage Tips

    3 Quick Summertime Vape Juice Storage Tips

    Summertime is really in full swing and I must admit that this is my favorite season of the year. The freedom to go out and enjoy basically all outdoor activities, just lights me up. It is during the summer that we can afford to vape outdoors without worrying about freezing our hands or lips. However, even with those sunny days to make our vape sessions enjoyable, it is important that we don't forget that e-liquids are vulnerable and hence it is paramount that they be stored properly. Here are some storage tips for keeping your vape juices and their bottles in the best condition possible during these summer months.

    Summertime Vape Juice Storage Tip #1: Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

    Direct light is one of the major enemies to e-liquids. Therefore, it is important that you keep your e-juices away from direct sunlight, during these summer months. To do so, you can opt to store your liquids in tinted bottles rather than transparent bottles, especially when you plan to be storing them for a long time. Tinted Bottles tend to restrict the amount of ultraviolet rays that pass through your bottle and interact with your juice.

    However, if you must store your e-liquid in transparent bottles, it is important that they be kept in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Such places include cabinets, drawers or even the basement (if you have one). These places tend to be darker, and cool at the same time. As you look for a cool, dry and dark place to store your e-liquids, it is important that you avoid the refrigerator. Trust me, it will do your e-liquids more harm than good. Storing your e-liquids in the refrigerator might affect their flavor, not to mention freezing, which might change the consistency of the e-liquid. Also, refrigeration tends to cause condensation, which dilutes your e-liquids.

    Summertime Vape Juice Storage Tip #2: Avoid Storing in Enclosed Spaces That Are Exposed to the Sun

    Let us say you are going to the beach and on getting there, you are looking for a place to store your e-juice. My advice is to carry it with you instead of leaving it in the car. In the summer, cars tend to warm up, even more quickly, that is why you are advised against leaving your baby or pet in a car. If you leave your bottled e-liquid in an enclosed car, exposed to heat, you might as well be prepared to overcook your e-liquids. The heat will damage the components of your e-juice and leave you with a runny liquid that has a funny odor and taste. Not to mention the odor and mess it will leave on your clothes and car seat.

    Summertime Vape Juice Storage Tip #3: Seal Your Bottles

    It is a known fact that oxygen interacts with nicotine and alters its quality. In the summer months, due to the heat factor, the interaction is accelerated. Therefore, you need to store e-liquids in a sealed bottle to avoid oxygen from getting in and reducing the nicotine concentration.

    Most e-liquids contain nicotine and PG, the two ingredients that are most vulnerable to heat. Therefore, if you value your liquid and want to prevent wastage, it is important that you obey the summertime vape juice storage rules. This will keep you a happy vaper, throughout the season, all the while helping you save on e-juice replacement costs.