WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Top 3 SMOK Products Still Available at The Sauce LA

    Top 3 SMOK Products Still Available at The Sauce LA

    At The Sauce LA, you can get your vape on in style thanks to a collection of products by SMOK, the brand that has changed the game with high-quality hardware. Vape enthusiasts from all over just can't get enough of the sleek and advanced products from this prestigious brand. Below, you'll discover the top three SMOK products that are still available at The Sauce LA.

    SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank - Stainless

    The SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank is one of the best-selling tanks of all time thanks to its exquisite design and its impressive features. This top-filling tank utilizes advanced technology that prevent leaks. The tank can fit eight milliliters of vape juice at a time, meaning that you will find yourself refilling less frequently.

    This tank is renowned for its ability to increase vapor production while boosting the flavor of any e-liquid. It can accommodate up to 350 watts of power, guaranteeing that your juice won't taste scorched. The coils that are compatible with this device are the TFV12 and TFV8 coils. These coils improve the flavor of your juice and deliver consistent hits that satisfy. 

    SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit - Black

    If you're looking for a sleek device that's both powerful and extremely portable, the SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit is exactly what you need. This pen-shaped device fits into your pocket with ease. However, it's powerful enough to handle long vaping sessions, providing you with serious vapor and a rich flavor.

    The rechargeable 3000mAh battery lasts for a long time and delivers huge hits. The tank that's included can hold eight milliliters of juice at a time. This tank also promotes huge clouds and a rich flavor.

    This kit is perfect for vape enthusiasts with all different levels of experience. Its minimalist design ensures that even beginners can find their sweet spot with ease.

    SMOK Mag 225W Kit - Silver Prism Chrome

    The SMOK Mag 225W Kit is a powerful box mod that's attractive and extremely compact. Its unique trigger shape gives it a seriously comfortable grip that you'll appreciate after long vaping sessions. With an output of 225 watts, you won't have to sacrifice power for portability.

    An advanced display screen provides you with important data about your vaping settings. Despite the abundance of advanced features that this kit contains, you'll find that it's incredibly user-friendly. 

    This kit comes with the coveted TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank that can contain eight milliliters of vape juice at a time. This tank is designed to prevent leaks and promote an incredibly rich flavor. This tank is also known for its ability to deliver serious vapor production, giving you the power to chase clouds like never before.

    Grab These 3 SMOK Products Today!

    Whether you long for the sleek, portable devices that are taking over the market or adore the power of box mods, you'll find a SMOK product that will dramatically improve your vaping life at The Sauce LA.