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    Should Vapers Be Calorie Counting?

    Should Vapers Be Calorie Counting?
    If you’ve been thinking about starting a weight loss regimen, you might be wondering how your vaping hobby affects your ability to shed pounds.  It’s only natural that people are concerned about vaping’s effect on their weight as many e-liquids come in sweet flavors such as candies, cupcakes and cookies.  So, can these tasty vape flavors sabotage your weight loss goals? 

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    Steep Those Salt-Based E-Liquids Right!

    Steep Those Salt-Based E-Liquids Right!

    If you’ve been vaping freebase e-liquids for a while, you might already know about steeping.  Steeping is a process that involves allowing the e-liquid’s flavor and nicotine molecules to oxidize, resulting in what many believe is a more satisfying vape overall.

    However, if you’ve recently switched over to salt nic e-juice, you might be wondering whether or not steeping is still necessary.  As you’ll see, the answer isn’t so simple.  However, we’re going to walk you through the ways in which you can steep your salt nic vape juice in order to enjoy it to its fullest potential.

    What is Steeping?

    Steeping refers to the oxidization of certain molecules in e-liquid.  By allowing the juice to steep, its flavor becomes more potent and complex.  Similarly, at least with freebase nic e-liquid, its nicotine tends to become more potent.

    E-liquids are composed of lots of different molecules.  During the steeping process, these molecules interact with oxygen.  Some molecules evaporate, allowing the flavor and nicotine to become more concentrated.

    Is Steeping Required with Salt Nic Vape Juice?

    There’s much debate regarding whether or not steeping a salt nic vape juice is crucial.  While many feel that it makes a tremendous difference, others report that this process has no effect on their e-liquid whatsoever.

    However, it’s widely believed that steeping does benefit the flavor of your nic salt liquid.  While nicotine salts themselves don’t seem to oxidize during the steeping process, the flavor does seem to get stronger and richer as the molecules oxidize. 

    If flavor is extremely important to you, it really can’t hurt to steep your nic salts.  Especially if you’ve already been steeping your freebase e-liquids, it’s absolutely worth a try.

    How to Steep a Salt Nic Vape Juice

    There are a couple methods for steeping your salt nic vape juices:  

    • The most popular method involves placing your juice bottles in a dark, cool area like a closet or a cabinet for up to two weeks. This allows the perfect amount of oxygen to enter into the e-liquid.  Many find that gently shaking each bottle once daily adds to the effectiveness of this method.
    • Another option is using a warm bath to force the oxidization process. First, fill a shallow basin with warm water.  Make sure that the water isn’t hot as this can ruin the e-liquids consistency.  Then, place all of your juice bottles in a large, resealable plastic bag.  Place the bag in the water and allow it to sit overnight.  The next morning, your e-liquid may appear darker in color.  This means that the oxidization process has occurred.

    To Steep Your Salt Nicotine E-Liquids is Up To You

    Whether or not you steep your salt nic e-liquid is up to you.  However, many do believe that this process improves the flavor of their juice.