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    Vaping Surveys Really Do Have An Impact

    Vaping Surveys Really Do Have An Impact

    When vaping first started to get popular, the only way for people to find out about it was to read it, see it, then try it. Vaping allows for alternative options to those who are trying to separate themselves from tobacco products. When these people go looking for answers on all things having to do with vapes, they expect to see both sides and progress stories from those who have been vaping. There weren't many surveys and complaints about vaping when it became relevant, but just like all things that try to help others, some people did not like it.

    The reason vapers are starting to participate in these surveys against and for vaping, is knowledge. The vaping community has the most knowledge on vapes; therefore, their opinions and facts should be what readers see before they make the decision to switch from tobacco to vaping. Some reasons these surveys are helpful is that they can show how long it took for vape users to completely get off of tobacco products, these surveys provide truthful answers to questions from tobacco users, and it proves science has answers to back up vaping. Vape users are not trying to promote anything that would harm anyone, which is why they are consumers of the product they are glorifying.

    The unfortunate side to these surveys are the ones trying to defend the bans being put on vaping. Instead of taking the surveys as a person who has vaped before, or someone who has smoked tobacco products and are trying to quit, but that is not usually the case here. The ones who criticize vaping are just complaining because they can, not because they are going to make a difference. The main complaint that seems to overwhelm the survey answers is that people who start vaping will start at a high nicotine level and never decrease their nicotine intake. If you talk to a regular vape user that started vaping to eliminate tobacco consumption in their life, they have and will continue to decrease the amount of nicotine. But unfortunately, most people who vape do so because they like it, and simply because they can. So the ones whom put down vaping are assuming all who vape are doing so to stop smoking tobacco, rather than just for fun.

    These surveys allow people to get their questions answered before they make a decision of switching to vaping from tobacco products. The current vapers are including themselves in the conversation because they have answers from personal experience rather than seeing someone do it and then speaking about it. If someone cannot find a way to stop smoking tobacco, they're going to do research. This research will bring that person to the power of vaping, and with that will come the surveys and responses on vaping. It would be unfair to tune in to see both sides just to find out the only ones commenting are people who do not vape and have never smoked a cigarette.

    The vaping community getting involved by including themselves in the surveys is brilliant. This creates the opportunity for anyone trying to find answers to be successful in finding those answers along with getting the correct, unbiased answers.