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    What Kind of Damage Can Wrapped Batteries Sustain?

    What Kind of Damage Can Wrapped Batteries Sustain?

    When it comes to vaping, simply hygienically taking care of your device will not cut it. Other than cleaning out your device regularly, it is extremely critical to make sure the batteries are in good shape. Otherwise a regular vaping session can take a turn for the worst. 

    Wrapped Batteries: Dangers and How to Prevent Them

    Wrapped batteries are used inside vaping devices for a key reason. That is because the wrapping of the battery serves as an insulator to the device. 

    Any minor drop of the device could mess with the batteries wrapping inside, which does not sound like a life or death issue but it could be costly to a vaper’s safety. 

    For instance, Regulated MODs are often a beginner first choice for the world of modding and can come with different types of batteries. These include removable and disposable batteries.

    removable battery can be a more economical option to disposable batteries as once the batteries life comes to an end they can easily be replaced with new ones. It is important to be informed as to what kind of batteries are the best for your device. Never exceed the amps your battery can handle. When it comes to vaping batteries, the user has the responsibility to be extremely careful when handling them outside of the device. If the batteries touch each other or any metallic object such as lose change in your pocket, the batteries can fail, leak, or even explode.

    disposable battery is sealed to the vaping device and can be difficult to replace once their lifespan of 2 to 3 years comes to an end.

    Because the battery is sealed to the device, a single drop can cause the battery to move around and cause serious damage, such as the wrapping to become undone. Check the batteries to make sure they have not bent from the drop, and if so they must be recycled. Always use the correct coils for your battery and be extra careful as to where you store your device. Leaving it resting on top of flammable objects such as a bed is a bad idea. Never leave it in direct sunlight either as it could over heat the device to dangerous temperatures. Always use the recommended charging cable, and never over charge. 

    If you are considering vaping, taking the right precautions to your vape’s usage is the best advice. Replacing batteries that are becoming slightly unwrapped is the best option. A quick moment of your time to conduct research on vape battery safety can go a long way for your safety. Even the most basic devices can have a potential danger to those who are uninformed.