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    Vape Juice Facts - How To's, Questions Answered, and Deals

    The 5 Senses of Vaping

    The 5 Senses of Vaping

    One of the many reasons that so many people find vaping to be such a pleasant experience is that it truly engages all five senses. We measure the enjoyment of vaping based on things like the visual impact of large vape clouds and the delicious taste of different juices.

    Of course, knowing the basics of how the five senses are affected by vaping can also help you determine if something is wrong. For instance, a harsh, burnt taste can tell you that perhaps you haven't adequately primed your coil.


    Most of us associate vaping with taste above all other senses. We select our e-liquids based on what flavors they contain. In fact, most of us are willing to spend a good deal of money on ensuring that the e-liquids that we buy taste great.

    Today, there are countless e-liquid brands that each boast their own variety of unique flavors. Because of this, we approach vaping as a hobby in which we can experiment with different kinds of tastes that suit our palates.

    By knowing the pleasant taste that we can expect from vaping, we’re able to determine right away if something is amiss. E-liquid should never taste burnt, harsh, or similar to chemicals. If it does, you may need to clean out your tank. Another possibility is that you have neglected to prime your coil properly.


    Like food, e-liquids provide both a taste and an accompanying smell. One of the reasons that vaping is more enjoyable than smoking cigarettes is because of its pleasant aroma. Plus, unlike tobacco smoke, the smell of the vapor that comes from the flavors of the e-liquid will dissipate within minutes.

    However, if the smell of the vapor is burnt or harsh, it may be time to clean out your tank. When the sugars in e-liquid gunk up the parts of a tank, they begin to burn and cause a harsh taste and smell.


    The act of vaping is enjoyable for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is the hand-to-mouth action involved. By holding the device in our hands, we experience some sort of satisfaction that can't exactly be explained.

    However, it's also important to know when your sense of touch is telling you that something is wrong with your device. If your device feels hot to the touch, your battery may be overheating. Often, this is a sign that it's time to replace your battery or give your device a break.


    There's something oddly pleasant about the whirring sound of vaping. A device that’s functioning normally should produce an even, soft "whooshing" sound when it is fired.

    If you hear a sputtering or gurgling noise, it may be time to replace the coil. This sound may also mean that you poured too much e-liquid into your tank.


    There are hundreds of videos on the internet that’re devoted to impressively large vape clouds. Most vaping hobbyists take pride in their ability to produce enormous clouds of vapor. For many, these clouds are as enjoyable as the taste of the e-liquid that they’re vaping. 

    If you can't seem to get those thick, fluffy clouds of vapor, try an e-liquid that contains more vegetable glycerin (VG) than Propylene Glycol (PG). VG is a thick, viscous material that adds to the density of the vapor.

    As you can see, vaping is about so much more than purchasing a delicious flavor of e-liquid. In fact, it's one of the few hobbies that again, truly affects all five senses. By understanding the five senses of vaping, you’ll be able to know right away if something is wrong with your device, or you just might need to get a stronger or more balanced e-juice flavor for instances.

    Finding That Balanced Throat Hit

    Finding That Balanced Throat Hit

    One of the major reasons why ex-smokers go back to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is because they cannot find get a throat hit that’s satisfactory. Throat hit means the feeling that one gets on the back of their throat and in their lungs, after they have inhaled. If the throat hit is too weak, the vaper could feel like nothing was inhaled. Conversely, if the throat hit is too strong, it could be painful and lead to coughing, which might be very embarrassing, not to mention the damage it could do on your throat. Therefore, it’s very important that you find a balanced throat hit.

    Here are some tips on how to achieve a perfectly balanced throat hit.


    To achieve a balanced throat hit, you need to be careful when selecting e-liquids. Different flavors have different throat hits. If you’re looking for a higher throat hit, menthol and citrus flavors are ideal. However, if you want to go the gentle way, flavors such as coffee and tobacco, sweets, fruits and creams, are ideal.

    The nicotine component of your e-juice will also have a great impact on throat hit. The higher the nicotine content in your e-juice, the stronger and more robust the throat hit gets. So, if you don’t want a strong throat hit, consider e-juices that have a lower nicotine content. Perhaps, 10 ml and below.

    When trying to balance, the throat hit, the VG/PG ratio also needs to be taken into consideration. Depending on the ratio selected, the throat hit will be, more-or-less, punchier. Propylene Glycol is the component responsible for throat hit. Therefore, if you are looking for a sharper throat hit, ensure that the PG ratio is higher. PG ratio over 60% is ideal for people looking for a stronger throat hit.

    Vaping Device

    The vaping device plays a very big role on the throat hit. A device that has high voltages will result in a higher throat hit. Furthermore, the vapor output in these devices is much warmer. Therefore, if you were a heavy smoker, high voltage devices may be just what you need to achieve a higher throat hit.

    MODs are some of the best vaping devices for a balanced throat hit. They allow you to achieve control over your vaping experience. You can regulate the airflow, temperature and voltage & wattage settings. Thus, you can get the desired throat hit. Rebuildable atomizers (RDAs) are also a great choice. They allow you to select a wicking material and coil resistance that is great for your ideal throat hit. If you need a gentle throat hit, go for cotton wicking and low resistance wires.

    Cleaning of Your Device

    Cleaning your vaping device is also important in achieving a balanced throat hit. Failure to do so results in the accumulation of residues, which adversely affects the throat hit. Silica and hemp wicks are generally better when you need to ramp up the throat hit.


    Your battery's power influences the level of throat hit achieved. Investing in a high voltage-output battery will ensure that you enjoy a stronger throat hit. However, if you have a lower power battery, you need not throw it away. Just get a spare battery.

    The above are some basics that’ll help you find a balanced throat hit. However, there are no right or wrong levels of achieving a throat hit. It’s all dependent on the vaper’s preferences. The only trick is to keep experimenting. Try using different types of devices with different types of batteries. Also, experiment with flavors and see which best balances your throat hit.

    What Can Social Media Tell Us About Vapers?

    What Can Social Media Tell Us About Vapers?

    With the advent of vaping products, it is no wonder their popularity has skyrocketed. Vaping is an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and helps cut back on tar and other additives along with thousands of chemicals found within cigarettes. Using social media is one way to determine which type of vaping products on the market today are the most popular along with the habits of their users.

    Top Vaping Products Found Using Social Media

    Some of the top named vaping products of 2017 include vaping products that are electronic, easy to use, and rechargeable, along with being long-lasting and reliable. These vaping products are listed as the best quality for individuals who vape at a cost that is affordable.

    Additionally, flavor is quite important to those in the vaping community. Without surprise, the top two vaping flavors on the market that are most popular include tobacco flavored liquids along with menthol flavors. For vape users who enjoy flavors, some of the top flavors today include cereal-like flavors which are sweet and fulfilling along with coffee flavors. Additionally, fruity and sweet flavors are hot on the market along with cream and custard flavors. Dessert flavors are rising in the market as they have a better taste than traditional tobacco and menthol liquids. Here at The Sauce LA, we carry those types of e-juice flavors and more that vapers enjoy, and at affordable prices.

    Social Media Searches

    Using Facebook is one way to find out more details on specific vaping products on the market with a simple public search. Searching using the Facebook search bar will often show how many users are talking about a specific subject, allowing you to easily collect data without expensive products, services, or even hiring professionals.

    Joining groups on Facebook that are related to the vaping community is another method of gathering information and learning more about new and trending products, flavors, and cartridges on the market. Follow conversations and get real opinions from those who are deeply involved in the community, whether they are in the business of vaping products or if they are simply seeking the best products for themselves.

    Hashtags on Twitter

    Another way to find more information regarding vaping products is to browse and search through various hashtags on Twitter that are most relevant to you and the vaping community you are interested in reaching. Twitter also shows how many users are talking about vaping, products, and the favorite devices and flavors of users. You can easily see how many individuals in the vaping community are browsing for vaping products by the time stamps of tweets and how frequently they are posted and shared with others regularly.

    Hobbies and Interests of Vapers

    Once you familiarize yourself with various vaping products, flavors, and tanks, it is easier to put social media to use in order for it to work to your advantage. Spend time researching vaping flavors that are known for their taste and popularity with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Search hashtags to get involved with the vaping community to track trends and upcoming products that are newly released or soon to be on the market to stay ahead of competitors and other brands in the same industry. 

    Understanding vaping on a deeper level with the use of social media is a way to help boost your own market while familiarizing yourself with vaping altogether. The more you know about the audience who is most interested in the vaping community, the easier it becomes to relate and appeal to them, whether you're in the business or simply curious.

    HUD Got It Right For Vaping

    HUD Got It Right For Vaping


    When it comes to the location of where you can vape, it is not the same as tobacco products. The HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, has banned the use of tobacco products, but left the usage of vaping to the user's discretion. This is huge for the vaping community because for starters, more people can progressively eliminate the excessive amount of nicotine consumed from tobacco products.

    The use of tobacco products inside homes and public housing can cause endless health issues for not only the person directly consuming them, but also any other man, woman, or child within those walls. By banning smoking tobacco in public housing, it allowed for vaping to step in and show there are other alternatives. But there should be an emphasis on that other alternative being healthier, and more safe for the direct consumer and those around her/him. I think the use of an alternative method for smokers is exquisite. For example, when you tell a drug addict to stop doing drugs, but give them no alternative, they guaranteed will not stop. Same applies for nicotine addicts. If you do not offer an alternative, they will tell you no because there is no other option.

    The HUD is trying to correct the bad habits of their tenants in public housing by giving them an alternative, which is vaping. The HUD is not trying to inconvenience anyone, but rather trying to show everyone a healthier way of life without having to quit tobacco usage all at once.

    The vaping community, obviously, will benefit to the absolute max with this ban being put into play. Yes, there will be a ton of negative feedback towards vaping because of this ban, but people will realize the alternative method they were given is healthier, cheaper, and has a better scent. Having a ban in public housing on tobacco usage inside will force its tenants to look into the other methods of still smoking inside without being fined. This will then bring them to vaping as an option. With vaping for these frequent tobacco users, it will allow the nicotine consumer to pick from different flavors to smoke and smell, rather than the usual tobacco foul, to some, taste and smell.

    Ultimately, vaping is a safer, cleaner, and cheaper alternative. That is why HUD made the right, and appropriate, decision to ban the usage of tobacco products inside public housing. This is a step forward in the right direction to make our communities healthier for our future generations. By the tenants switching over to vaping, they are allowing themselves to cut back on the nicotine intake, without even noticing they are. For example, if one were to start at a nicotine level of 12 in vaping, they may get sick of how much it is and it may be too harsh, so they would decrease the nicotine level.

    The vaping community was pissed about the added taxes to their products, along with the bans towards vape usage; however, this specific ban on tobacco allows vaping to get their products and their message out there. This is an excellent step in the right direction.

    Vaping Surveys Really Do Have An Impact

    Vaping Surveys Really Do Have An Impact

    When vaping first started to get popular, the only way for people to find out about it was to read it, see it, then try it. Vaping allows for alternative options to those who are trying to separate themselves from tobacco products. When these people go looking for answers on all things having to do with vapes, they expect to see both sides and progress stories from those who have been vaping. There weren't many surveys and complaints about vaping when it became relevant, but just like all things that try to help others, some people did not like it.

    The reason vapers are starting to participate in these surveys against and for vaping, is knowledge. The vaping community has the most knowledge on vapes; therefore, their opinions and facts should be what readers see before they make the decision to switch from tobacco to vaping. Some reasons these surveys are helpful is that they can show how long it took for vape users to completely get off of tobacco products, these surveys provide truthful answers to questions from tobacco users, and it proves science has answers to back up vaping. Vape users are not trying to promote anything that would harm anyone, which is why they are consumers of the product they are glorifying.

    The unfortunate side to these surveys are the ones trying to defend the bans being put on vaping. Instead of taking the surveys as a person who has vaped before, or someone who has smoked tobacco products and are trying to quit, but that is not usually the case here. The ones who criticize vaping are just complaining because they can, not because they are going to make a difference. The main complaint that seems to overwhelm the survey answers is that people who start vaping will start at a high nicotine level and never decrease their nicotine intake. If you talk to a regular vape user that started vaping to eliminate tobacco consumption in their life, they have and will continue to decrease the amount of nicotine. But unfortunately, most people who vape do so because they like it, and simply because they can. So the ones whom put down vaping are assuming all who vape are doing so to stop smoking tobacco, rather than just for fun.

    These surveys allow people to get their questions answered before they make a decision of switching to vaping from tobacco products. The current vapers are including themselves in the conversation because they have answers from personal experience rather than seeing someone do it and then speaking about it. If someone cannot find a way to stop smoking tobacco, they're going to do research. This research will bring that person to the power of vaping, and with that will come the surveys and responses on vaping. It would be unfair to tune in to see both sides just to find out the only ones commenting are people who do not vape and have never smoked a cigarette.

    The vaping community getting involved by including themselves in the surveys is brilliant. This creates the opportunity for anyone trying to find answers to be successful in finding those answers along with getting the correct, unbiased answers.