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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 145 reviews
    New vaper that just upgraded to a Mod and tank from Nord...

    My review may be a bit tilted seeing as I just upgraded from a Smok Nord to a Geekvape Nova mod with a Cerebus Sub Ohm tank and a Hellvape Rebirth RTA tank a few days ago. Stepping away from using a Nord to help me stop smoking to this new mod and tank has been like starting over from scratch again. Its a totally new world. A world where flavors have changed for the better. The Nord made juices taste good when vaping, but the mod and tank has opened a whole new door to a completely new house! What was good in one isnt really that great in the tanks I use. Left became right and up becam down on me. In the Nord the Bees Knees wasnt really that good. In the tank, its become a totally different experience and taste completely different now. I really like it and the taste really shines in the tank. Its not gonna be for everyone but to me its a great juice to vape on from time to time when you want something different than fruit or sweet stuff.If honey and milk is your thing, this is the best one I have tried so far so I would say buy some and give it a shot. I have enjoyed the juice I bought from these guys and the prices are really good compared to similar companies selling the same thing for a much higher price. Give these guys a shot. Buy a few juices and I almost promise that at least one of them will be awesome to you. Taste is subjective to each person but you will find something that you like with them

    Bee's knee's

    Its a good flavor, you can taste the honey very nicely


    Smooth and sweet


    The bees knees has a smooth creamy flavor.. love it

    Wife loves the smell

    It's pretty good to me. And my wife loves it when I vape this. She smells the "flowery" note in the exhale. Will get more.

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