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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews
    Great juice, great price

    First time buyer and I'm very pleased. A ton of juice for the money and it seems pretty good quality. Cheaper yet better than my last go-to site.

    Love the JUICE!

    Great juice. Great taste. Will order again!

    Good deal

    Great deal on great juice!

    Awesome juice!

    Great juice, great value! Will probably buy again

    Solid Juice as Always

    I'd already gotten the caramel cappuccino waffle before and ordered it again. It's definitely one of my favorites. Not just of LA Sauce buy of any juice from any company.

    That's saying a lot since I'm very picky and have tried most of the well rated juices across various websites. It's got that same coffee taste as the Vanilla Bean (which is another very awesome flavor) but the waffle/syrup/caramel taste makes it perfect.

    It's a flavor I really can't get sick of and can vape a mostly full 8ml squonk bottle full (or mixed... I love mixing juices.. Especially with Glazed Dobut by Loaded.. Mixes incredibly well with any dessert flavor) of it without hating it or really wanting to switch flavors when I'm almost through the squonk bottle.

    This is not normally the case with a lot of juices. Especially one that has the sugary potential of caramel waffle cappuccino. I think the coffee flavor really helps turn what would otherwise be a very sugary good flavor into an ADV. I have Nancy's New Nightmare (belgian syrupy waffle woth peacan/almond) and I can't vape half as much of that before I get sick of it.

    As far as the Apple Pie bottle I got... I was less enthused by that but I still like it. I'll certainly go through the bottle but I would probably spend my money elsewhere for more juice.

    Don't get me wrong it's a great flavor but just not something that's up my alley. I more like coffees, cereals, custards, and milky/creamy flavors. I will say if it had a more cinnamon taste to it I'd probably like it more.

    I'm going to try mixing it with glazed donut to get some doughyness and cinnamon flavor added (for some reason glazed donut has a cinnamon flavor but it's phenomenal regardless). I get much more apple taste out of it than apple pie but it's still good.

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