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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 826 reviews
    Love ur juice

    Love ur juice great price

    I am letting it steep

    I bought the cwc before and it is sooo tasty. I also bought capone and I vaped that first bc it's my favorite but the cwc is a close 2nd. They you to send you a free 30ml bottle when you ordered from here but I guess they don't do that anymore. Ive been ordering from the sauce la for almost 2 years. At first they always had stock but when I got some extra $ and went to order a few months back, they were out of everything. They might have been fighting laws or something. I just wish that ordering from them was like it used to be, not like it is now w/ half the flavors out of stock.

    Great Flavor

    Smooth with just a touch sweet

    My absolute favorite juice!

    The Caramel waffle cappuccino is amazing. I’m very picky with my flavors in juice. I’m a desert lover for sure,this is exactly as described..waffles, caramel and a hint of coffee on the exhale. I do like a strong flavor,this is not super strong but not light either. Perfect middle. It’s been my go to since I’ve found it and no one has it cheaper than TheSauceLA. I always receive coupons and deals via email which I love especially when you’re trying something new and don’t want to waste the money at the vape shop and end up not liking it at all. I definitely recommend if you’re a little picky and a desert lover like myself 👍

    Alwayz yummness

    Great robust flavor just enuff sweet not overdose all around primo for any mix food drinks wise.

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