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    this is probably the best tank I've encountered. it's sturdy, well machined, and performs consistently. the big baby beast is my preferred vape tank. the rba option is nice, although i haven't played around with it much. i was rocking the baby beast tank for a while, but its juice capacity just wasn't enough. the big baby beast delivers the same flavor and vapor, but doesn't require refilling as frequently.
    three years ago, i bought a big baby beast tank in hot pink, and its threads are finally getting too worn down to work reliably. three years of almost daily use. I'm pretty impressed with its durability.
    i have one beef about the big baby beast tank (and the baby beast tank, too), and it's about the finish. this time around, i got the big baby in stainless steel. the paint on my other tank began chipping off a couple of months after i got it, and the same happened with the baby beast tank too. i didn't really care until i noticed little flecks of paint floating around in my juice. turns out, it's not easy to keep flaking paint from migrating into the tank. but now, with my shiny new stainless steel beast, i don't have to worry about the paint.
    and if this one wears out in 3 years, damn right i'm gonna get another one just like it. and with the super prompt shipping and excellent customer service, I'll be buying it from the sauce la.


    This mod is great! Super large tank with great heat!!

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