WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    It's a sad time for vapers in the United States and the legislation passed to ban shipping vapor products will certainly mean the end for online only ejuice companies like ours. Your loyalty to us means the world and as we wrap up operations we want to provide an opportunity to stock up on flavors you love. That's why we created a backorder option so you can place an order for flavors that are currently out of stock. 

    There are a few rules you need to clearly understand before ordering backorder products. We will be inundated with thousands of orders over the coming weeks and consequently, cannot respond to support requests if you did not read these rules. We need to focus on making ejuice and getting orders out :)

    Backorder Rules and Expectations

    1. Orders that contain any BACKORDER flavors will NOT ship within our standard shipping timelines. Your order will ship when all items are available. This could be as short as a few days, to as long as two months. However, we are guaranteeing that all backorders will be delivered. Therefore, please do not email us asking when your backorder will ship. You will not receive a response. 
    2. Please avoid ordering in-stock items and backorder items in the same order. This drastically slows down our fulfillment process.
    3. If your order contains an in-stock item and a backorder item, we will not ship the in-stock item separately. If you need an in-stock item to ship pronto, please order it separately. 
    4. The more items in your backorder, the longer it will take to fulfill. If you order 7 different backorder flavors, it will take longer to fulfill than if you order 3 different flavors.
    5. You will receive a shipping confirmation email shortly after your order is placed, but this does not mean your order was shipped. We purchase shipping labels automatically, but until tracking updates, this *generally* means the order is still in our facility. 

    CLICK HERE to return to the backorder collection page.