WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    The Sauce - Laboratory Made Juice

    There's a serious problem in the eLiquid industry - hundreds of manufacturers claim to be laboratory made, but unfortunately, oftentimes that claim is dubious at best. How does this impact your juice?

    For one, there are millions of particles in the open air. Dead skin, bugs, dust, and particulate metals, to name a few. When juice is made in an unfiltered environment, those particles fall into the mixture and are trapped by the VG. Would you want to heat dead skin to 400 degrees and vape it? Didn't think so. 

    What's the benefit to vaping The Sauce? Our juice is manufactured in a ISO 5 rated clean room. Every precaution is taken to reduce our juice's exposure to particulate matter that no one wants to find in their bottle.

    The ISO 5 laboratory standard is a measure of how many particles are allowed in a laboratory environment. Eight HEPA filters clean and filter the air, reducing particle counts to an extremely low level.