WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    The Sauce LA e Juice Reviews

    Based on 17733 reviews
    Caramel Waffle Cappuccino

    I absolutely love the flavour and people around me who don’t vape love the smell. It’s like an air freshener

    Never got it

    Never got the order(lost in the mail) but Capine is one of my favorite juice. It’s awesome

    Great eliquid

    Not cereal flavored but it has a wonderful cake and icing taste. Was hoping for fruity pebbles but cake is good too!

    My Favorite Sauce

    Flavor is fantastic and refreshing. The Sauce is always fast with shipping and has great customer service!

    Honestly I expected better

    The juices came quite quick, but sadly the rice crispie falls flat on flavor its like uts barely anything and the licoln aka applepie taste more of cinnamon. There is no balance, I was very dissatisfied.

    Love it

    One of the best coffee vape I've had!

    Garden Watermelon

    Nice flavor and throat hit. I've always enjoyed The SauceLA's juice.


    Great juice for an unbeatable price!

    Tasty !!!

    This one if my favorite juices you guys make hands down !!!

    Great price

    Strong lemon flavor. A bit harsh on my throat. I mixed it with another pebbles brand I had.

    Great base flavor, wish it wasn't menthol

    The base flavor is amazing, it really does taste like an energy drink. Sadly I'm not the biggest fan of menthol. I don't know if I missed that in the description or not, but if it wasn't menthol I'd throw it a full 5 stars

    Blind Buy - Just To Fill My Order and Get Free Shipping "But"

    Grabbed a 60ml bottle just to fill my order since I like Strawberry Vapes. Though very different and actually very tasty, I find myself vaping it constantly. I don't really get Strawberry nor Chocolate (though I can smell the Chocolate) I grab this to vape every time I pick up my vape device. I can't pin point what it taste like other than enjoyable and I like it. Just very different than most and this maybe why I like it because it's different that most I have had.


    I bought this out of curiosity, blind buy as my other place I had been grabbing my favorites and cheap vapes from jacked the prices and shipping and also now takes 3 weeks to get to you when it used to only take 2 days. Well I am overwhelmed with my buy as this is the best Strawberry Vape I believe I have ever had and will definitely grab more and be a repeat shopper.

    Nice cool vape

    I ve been using 1922 for long time. For me is not a all day vape I’m using it for a brake between my all day vape, flavor is a light mint no too strong no too light. Recommended.

    very satisfied

    Great flavors and great prices. Thanks guys.

    Good Juice

    Love the thought and ideas behind the mixtures

    Purple Powder | Best Grape Candy Vape Juice | Awesometown

    Pretty good

    Flavor is a little light but I like it nice and smooth

    it is steeping ATM

    it is good off the jump


    Def not the best but good. May buy again.

    Better than most

    I wish I had gotten it with some nicotine to amp up the taste a bit. It was good just needed that spearmint zing or coolness I was hoping for but tasted like spearmint gum for sure.

    120ml Revolution | Best Tropical Vape Juice | Vaporham Lincoln eLiquid

    My name is Timothy cline I am missing a bottle of XXX tropical blast from this order and I did not receive my raspberry rapture on my last order could you please send me my missing items. Thanks