WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    The Sauce LA e Juice Reviews

    Based on 17946 reviews
    Smash hit!

    Love this juice and am devastated at the looming of the end. Nice sweet 🍉 flavorwith just enough kiwi to give it the right amount off acidity!

    Great flavor

    I like this flavor and really enjoyed it as a vape


    Capone, easily an all day vape!

    Lincoln Vaporham Apple pie

    I was waiting for my backorders of bedrock fruity pebbles from u guys and i needed some juice and noticed u guys had the Vaporham apple pie in stock so i ordered it and when i got it it was good but no where near my all time favorite bedrock from u guys. I ordered 7 120ml bottles of the apple pie cause i had no clue when i was going to get my big backorders but i still have have it and will finish off the apple pie when im done with my 3 month supply of bedrock. I still have have 6 bottles of the apple pie

    Product not received yet.

    I have not received my product yet to write a review.

    Very Sweet Spearmint

    I like this juice, but it is on the very sweet side, and while I do like a sweet spearmint, I don't like it quite this sweet. It does well with a mix of menthol/peppermint! My order came unbelievably fast and I am sad to see them leaving when I just found them. :(


    just like the name, Awesome sauce

    Fresh Tasting

    The Sauce LA has the freshest spearmint flavor. This is my go-to and I'm sorry to see them go.

    * PERFECT *

    Delicious and refreshing! All the flavors come thru at the perfect balance (:·›)

    You didn’t fulfill shit, where’s my fuckin juice.

    You didn’t fulfill shit, where’s my fuckin juice you walking abortion.

    Purple Powder the best grape candy vape juice

    If I could only vape one flavor going forward, I would choose this. It’s my favorite juice that I’ve ever used. I really hope somehow I can get more in the future.

    I like it.

    Good flavor. Good fruit flavored vape

    Great shopping and tracking

    Competition on prices.. great selection

    Chocolate Dipped Strawberry | Best Strawberry Vape Juice | Awesometown


    average,not as good as most of your others

    Vape juices

    I ordered a good amount of product, and I’m sure it was amazing. Unfortunately I’m deployed, and customs confiscated the order. 😔 I hope business picked up and gets better for you all now with the recent Covid stimulus deal. Unfortunate you can’t send juice anymore.

    Don't go

    I love the sauce, every juice I have chosen I have loved. Don't go! Thanks glad I had the time while u were here.


    At first I thought this wasn’t so great but I managed to taste the full flavor from my RDA. Vaping this at the right wattage is simply amazing. It’s become one of my new favorites over night.

    Better Than I Remember

    This flavor combo mixed elsewhere was my go-to favorite 4yrs ago while embracing vaping as morethan just

    Great Taste

    The taste is great. I will definitely order it again.

    Awesome as usual!

    Coming from these guys, what would you expect Young Napoleon to taste like? That's right, the best strawberry shortcake flavored e juice on the planet! Just another reason to hate the fact that Sean will no longer be able to provide us vapers with all of his top of the line juices. I sure am going to miss them. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    Awesomesauce | Best Bananas Foster Vape Juice | Awesometown