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    Win Vape Gear - Get Famous


    So you've heard we're running a pretty incredible giveaway - this week it's a Limitless Arms Race Mod, TFV12, a 120ml bottle of juice for the first prize winner and 20 $20 gift cards to the first 20 people to participate. Pretty slick payout right? Entering to win is easy.

    How do I enter?

    Entering is straightforward - make a video of yourself talking about your experience with our juice. This week, the subjects are 1922 and Capone. Making the video should be a fun opportunity to show vapers all around the world your setup and your thoughts on the flavor! Don't be shy, this is your time to shine. Have fun with it - wear a wacky outfit, jam to your favorite music, build up an elaborate set, or hire Michael Bay to direct an action packed sequence. 

    How do win?

    Upload your creative masterpiece to YouTube using the following title: 

    1922 Energy Drink Vape Juice Review | The Sauce LA


    Capone Fruit Loops Vape Juice Review | The Sauce LA

    Then, post a link to the video on our facebook page. We'll review your entry based on creativity and thoughtfulness of the review. We want you to be honest!

    We'll be choosing the first prize winner Friday, June 30th. 

    Now lock, load, and get filming!